Bleeding Dove of Peace

A single white rose among thousands of red...

I'm not entirely sure how every thing went wrong, though I do know when the chaos began to over throw it all. I can recall when life was simple and nothing ever seemed to go wrong. Dinner at five in the afternoon, bed by nine and asleep by ten. Each morning was always quite the same. Wake up by five in the morning breakfast by six and off to school about eight. Always getting to school by nine, just before the last bell would ring.

I remember the clouds of chalk dust when the erasers were being cleaned. The way the library smelled of musty old books with a hint of pine, from the wooden shelves being polished twice each month. The way the classrooms were always buzzing full of inpatient children, just waiting for class to be over. Yes, I used to be one of those children, wanting nothing more than to skip class and play around town.

Every day was practically the same... the same teacher in every classroom, the same kid never there who's usually out sick, the way the bell would ring exactly at three for school to be over and the clock in our home room always just four minutes off. Those are the days I miss terribly. When everything seemed so boring and life was dull, with nothing other than the same old routine.

I remember that one week, where the sings were subtle yet stood out like a single white rose in a field, among one hundred red roses. That was the week I honestly wish I had committed suicide and joined the rest of my classmates. Even though I'm still alive, I feel as if a part of me vanished along with the laughter of the other students. Then again, I can still hear their screams, just as my soul screams to join them. I honestly believe I suffered a fate much worse than them. I'm not suicidal. I've tried and failed too many times to care, to even try again would be utterly pointless.

The Monday of that week, was when the first key hit a note. There was a donation of used musical interments for music class in school. Everyone was so excited. Why play clarinets when you can play a guitar or a set of drums. When the music teach opened the box, a puzzled look formed upon her face. The other students along with myself, we all gathered around the box and looked inside. There was nothing, nothing other than a single white whistle, surrounded by one hundred red whistles. We were all pretty bummed out, but we were optimistic and everyone grabbed a whistle. Of course, they all wanted a red one and no one wanted the white one, other than me.

Looking back, I wish I hadn't been an individual and just went with the crowd. Before that week, being an individual was everything to me. To stand out apart from the crowd, just being the way I wanted to be and not how anyone expected. Looking back, I'm sure if were all hadn't been so excited.. the teacher would have never opened that donated box with no return address with out having it checked. Not that it would have made much of a difference, though maybe the white one would have been removed. Uniforms, we didn't exactly have, but with everyone having a red whistle would have made us all look like we belonged together.. possibly-

The red whistles, all blowing at once was more like the sound of church bells, each one having a different chime. While my white one sounded like a pigeon. The moment I blew that one white whistle in the same moment the red ones were being blown, it sounded more like a dove cooing among one thousand bells. The teacher didn't seem to mind much of the noise, it was an interesting kind of music to her.

The rest of the school day went like usual, nothing big or out of the ordinary accrued what so ever. We all got to take our whistles home. I did my home work and my chores. I ate dinner at five as usual, then after more home work and some play time, I washed up and got in bed about nine like always.

The next morning was off a bit. I woke up feeling light headed, and any light felt as if it was stabbing me right between my eyes. I could barely eat breakfast. Even though I was feeling sick, I went to school as always. I managed to get there just before the bell rang... I got to the home room and only the teacher was there with a single student, the one who's usually out sick. Between ten and late noon, the other students showed up and not until the last bell rang for school to get out, were all the students present.

Everyone was sent home with a note on Tuesday. The principle had demanded that all students be seen by a doctor for a possible wide spread illness; but really, he just wanted to prove we were all faking sick and trying to get out of class. The doctors couldn't find anything really all that wrong. Only that all the children -except the kid whose usually out sick- had an unusual amount of iron in their blood and their vanes appeared black rather than blue, for their blood was darker than cole. My blood test turned up to have a very large amount of white blood cells, which the doctors said wasn't normal even if I were to have cancer along with the flu, which I didn't. Oddly enough, the one kid who's always out sick, was in perfect health.

By Thursday, we were all back at school, even though the doctors had proved us ill, we all were feeling a lot better. Yet, once at school... no one really seemed like themselves.. I figured the same along with the teachers thinking we were all acting odd from being sick. Like when your just getting over a cold, the achy feeling threw out your body and the lagging of your brain. Yet some of the students had way too much attitude to be acting odd as in ill, more like odd as in insanly rude. Still, all things considered, it was a usual school day filled with the average dose of daily nothingness.

Friday, things got bad... everyone who was sick began falling asleep in class. By noon, they had all dropped like flies in the dead of winter. All except, that one kid and myself. Shortly after all the teachers got together in the same room with that one kid and myself, they vanished like steam, vaporized into the air of the room. They were simply gone. Just like that. With out warning of any kind or any reason I could see. The adults and other children in the town, same thing happened to them. Yet the students who'd passed out at school, they're bodies just sat there as if they had died in their sleep.

That one kid and I where the only ones left as far as I knew. That kids name, I'm not really sure of it. Though, everyone did just call her kid. Later that night, the students who had passed out.. their bodies split open like egg shells hatching and out came creatures that were told to have existed in horror films.

Still, that kid and I were both at the school... Our reason was unknown.
Fearful, of course though, I felt compelled to remaind seated at my desk.
It's not like anyone or thing, was bringing me harm.

Just as such creatures emerged from their human shells, that one kid spoke for the first time I had even known. She merely muttered such words seaming like a short poem, "White roses of Honor are for the dead and blood is truly red," as she stood up, red bat-like wings formed from her back. Black clouds flowed around her body like a mist and her usual school uniform melted into a long black dress with tares making it appear short. Her short brown hair appeared to be melting off of her head; actually growing longer, her brown hair turning darker with a red shine. Now standing on top of her desk, my pants began to burn.

My pants pocket lit on fire and burned off. The white whistle I had in my pocket began floating in mid air, right in front of my face. I gabbed my whistle and suddenly all my clothes burned off. White dove-like wings sprung from my back as my hair turned from blonde, to a sandy white. The flames changed their form, becoming white ribbon and tightly surrounded my torso, legs and arms; silky cloth-like ribbon, almost as if that which mummies would be wrapped in. The lower part of my body started to throb and shortly after the pain became almost unbareable, a light blue shirt formed around my waist, flowing continuously, being blue flames.

I shut my eyes, thinking it was a dream.. after reopening my eyes, I found myself floating above my desk as well. I looked over back at that girl, forgetting the creatures surrounding us with in the classroom.

The creatures whom were once my classmates, all at once began taring at me. Scratching at my legs and ripping at my wings. The agony which came over my entire bean was over whalming, yet rather than cry out- I shead I single tear drop - and for some odd reason began saying not-horrible poetry.

I shead a tear, not for my fear. I shead a tear, for each of you, my dears.
Rest your heads for you've made your beds.
Fly to the sky and leave the anger shy, for I am the dove whom shall carry you high.

Even more so oddly, I woke up and it was Monday. No, not a new monday.
I mean the same exact monday that had already hapened, again. Supposibly...
I was holding my white whistle in my hand and to my moulth.

It was the same exact moment...
The red whistles, all blowing at once was more like the sound of church bells,
each one having a different chime.

The air was already in my cheeks and the whistle already thouching my lips..

Again! my white one sounded like a pigeon.
Though, this time I blew the one white whistle
slightly before the moment the red ones were being blown.
This time, it sounded more like a million tones blending together
in complete harmon algon with the humming of an angel.
The teacher found the noise interesting, in fact-
she found became filled with overwhalming bliss,
to the point of need to sit jump up and down.

I wasn't really sure what to do about anything.
I had just, re-lived Monday in a diffent way. So perhaps, it was all just a dream?
..or so I was hoping... I miss the way how things used to be~
I'm not entierly sure where things went wrong... if it was the white whistle,
the box its self possbly, all of the whistles, or just my luck?

There was a wowman from the big sister church who came by to bring by some usual suplies.
She saw the whistles around the necks of the other children and she cried out in terror,
"Do not be foold for the beauty, can you not see, those roses have thors thorns?!"
as she quickly backed away toward the exit and left promptly.

Everyone pretty much continued their day dispite of that outbirst.
Just as the 'other' Monday, I already had, the music teacher had us practice.
This time, rather than people becoming ill, they got stronger, smarter, faster-
Just as before, like the friday before... That ONE KID showed up at school.
I hadn't been feeling so well that whool week sense the end of Monday...
I had been feeling weeker, slower, I got my very first F on a test.

In class that Friday, I lost my balance when handing out the test results and I fell to the floor, right by that kids desk. As the teacher had already grown tired of me for failing my last test and probbably not doing well that, she ordered THAT KID to take over handing out results for me. She bent over me to collect the papers I had dropped and she whispered in my ear, "A single tear shead of hope, can not extingush flames burning the pope." as she rose her head with a smeark, just before bupping her forhead on mine and to show me her cesent smile and eyes which glew crimson for only a mear moment.

Yes! I woke up! Finally! Wait.. I woke up.. Again... Oh Joy! We're all blowing whistles, again, for the very first time on Monday~

We couldn't just get a normal box of stuff for music class like every other school, could we? I don't see why, we had to get any box of anything at all. The first time I prayed to make my fellow students happy, that's where I went wrong. Just My Luck!

She is the roes, her name is Lillith.

He is the dove, his name is Inocence.

I am the student, my name is Faith.

That Kid was dead, unborn named unknown.

Inocense could see all other than Unknown,
yet unknown and unborn could see all.
Faith could see all other than faith's self.
The rose was all the dead had ever known.

Was that even a poem.. I continuesly wondered if I was dead on and off...
Eternally, re-awakening, to the seemingly endless blowing of the whistles~

Title: Bleeding Dove of Peace
Written By, MCtheGirL
Date Written: 01/10/2014