BOOM - My Luck

I should have died on the 13th of Friday.

It was Friday the 13th, the most unlucky day of the year. I arrived to work early that morning and I had a presentation for the afternoon; I knew I wasn't ready for it.

"I'm always unlucky," I thought to myself, "guess today I'll ether get fired or die in some freak accident."

As I walked past the front desk, the secretary smiled at me, "Wow," I whispered to myself, for she had never done so once out of the five years I've worked there. As I passed by her, while she was sharpening pencils, she stuck her index finger in the sharpener instead. She screamed as she desperately tried to pull her finder out. Then with her wet blood, now on the desk and in the eclectic sharpener, she became fried and dead; it all happened in just seconds.

Later on in the morning, I heard that the meeting I wasn't prepared for had been postponed till the next week. Right before lunch brake, I got called into the main office. I thought I might have gotten blamed for the secretary's death at first, so naturally my teeth were chattering.

Turned out that the people in charge of the main company had just fired my boss and they were now offering me, his job! I gladly excepted it. Then they gave me a to hour lunch brake. By the way, during those same two hours, my old boss was busy getting sick from food poisoning; I got 50% off on my meal and was feeling better than ever.

Later on that night, I went down into my basement for a bottle of whine. I heard a big bang and everything shook. The shaking lasted only moments, so I shrugged it off thinking it was only an earth quake. I had come out of my basement to grab a glass.

Then I saw that my house was gone and had been thrashed to rubble. I walked around only to find out a bomb had gone off and that I was some how the only survivor on the whole continent.

I thought that my day was going great and only everyone but myself was having bad luck, but maybe, I'm the most unlucky one of them all...

I should have died on the 13th of Friday.

BOOM - My Luck Written By: Melissa M. Carlisle

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