Death Stone

I once got really mad at a person who had hurt my friends. One night around 2am, before my usual early morning walk at 3, I was online and pop up hit my screen. It said, "If you want revenge, click here" Thinking about my friends and that gang who hurt them, I clicked the pop up. My computer screen went black, at that moment I knew I did something bad. Of course, I thought I had a virus, so I got all pissed off and went for my walk. The next day, I got a package in the mail, which was wired cause no one sends me anything. So I open this cardboard box and with in it was an other box, but this box was black and was made of wood. Awkwardly, I opened it thinking someone wired sent me a dead mouse or something freaky like that, cause it smelt old and musty. At first I think it's some kind of gem stone, all shiny and smooth. In side the black box was a dark red, almost black crystal rock like thing. Now see, the really odd thing was, that even though the out side of the box looked old and beaten, the inside was coated with ruby red silk. Under the rock, there was this little peace of white paper with red ink, like from a gel pen or something, cause it was shiny red ink. The note said, "For Revenge, Hold This Stone As You Sleep, Thinking Only Ways For Your Wrong Doers To Die." It was freaky, cause just that I had clicked that pop up for revenge. I freaked out, and shoved it back into the box and tossed it under my bed where things always just seem to vanish.

Three years after that, the same gang cuts one of my friends face up and the other got stabbed-possibly going to die, and both were in the hospital. That same day my mother forced me to clean my room regardless of my friends well bean. I was worried, sad, heartbroken, and royally pissed off.

As I was cleaning my room, I found that black box I had put under my bed. I probably never would have done this with a clear mind if I had known it would really work, but because of my heart ache and unclear thinking, I did what the note said and went to sleep crying.

The next morning, I woke up and the rock was gone. I figured I had lost it in my bed some where and forgot about it. I went into the kitchen and sat down to eat pancakes that my mom had made for me. As I was eating... "The Members of DragonX Gang were found dead at the police station this morning" What! I Shrieked, hearing the news on tv from the other room. I leaned over to see what my father was watching on the news. "Apparently it seems the members of DrangonX sliced and diced each other till they bled to death." "What horror" my mom said, "At least your friends will be safe now" my mother said to me with a smile. "Now do me a favor hun and take out those contacts you got at that wired store in the mall already" my mother said. "I'm not waering contacts, you wouldn't let me buy them! Remember?!" I replied. "Lire" she said, "They're creeping me out!" I waked into the bathroom to prove to my mom she was going nuts or something. Looking in the mirror I realized something. "Oh Sh*t!" I shrieked. "Watch your language!" mom yelled from the kitchen. I usually would have ran in and apologized to my mother, but I was too busy staring into the mirror at my ruby red eyes! I tried to take out the contacts. After poking my eyes several times, I realized, I wasn't wearing any!

With the water running in the sink and my hands on the counter, I stared into my eyes, trying to think rationally. I could think of nothing, but knowing three facts, 1. the gang was dead, 2. the rock was red and 3. my eyes were now red, almost as dark red as the rock.

So I ran into my room and found the rock. It was no longer dark red, but a light green, which was the color my eyes used to be, or at least that was the color I was born with. I was kind of worried, so I went to put the rock back into its box. I saw that the paper note had turned black and the ink was now a pretty sliver green.

Come to think, my hair is to be black. "Nice hair by the way" My mom hollered to me. Just as she said that, a clump of my hair fell into my face. "Ahh!" I screamed. My hair was white! Looking down back at the note in my hands, I realized that the words had also changed. I read the note, "Your revenge is complete, but now you must pay the price. A demon dammed to hell, is what you are!" A shiver ran up my spine as I read it. I went to sleep that afternoon, crying myself to sleep, thinking what a evil thing I had done to the gang. Even though they hurt my friends, I knew it wasn't right of my to even had wished for them to kill each other off. "Though, they did cut up my friends face, so they should get cut up to," I thought to myself.

Later that night, I woke up just in time for dinner. Thinking it had all been a dream, I walked into the kitchen. My dad was sitting at the table, which was strange sense he always ate on his way home from work.

"What's for dinner?" I asked my mom. "Anything you want" she replied, which was also wired cause she had always told me, "Eat it or starve, I'm not a restaurant!" I looked at my dad and asked him, "Am I still dream?" "If only that were true" He said, "Mellony, I have some bad news to tell you" He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, "Your friends who where in the hospital, they never made it home and they never will" "what do you mean!" I demanded. "I'm so sorry!" mother cried, as she ran to hug me. I shrugged her away, and ran into the bathroom to cry, just knowing that my friends were dead. After turning on the sink, I looked up in the mirror and noticed my eyes where read and my hair was white. "It's not a dream" My reflection whispered to me.

It's been a year ever sense then, I still have red eyes and my hair is white. The rock which was red that had turned green still sits on my desk, reminding me that I am dammed. The school kids don't pick on me now and the worst guys in town don't even look at me.

I wished on the Death Stone, so now my heart is dark and my soul is cursed. I never click on pop ups any more. I don't eat much, I actually feel fine with out drinking. I haven't eaten for over thirty days, and I never leave my room now. For when I do, people around me vanish. I sit here alone, in the dark cold night.

Every day I sleep and every night I go online, wishing I had never clicked that pop up.

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