My Angel On Earth Was Taken By A Demon

A cat and dog were best friends. As they walked along a path, they came accross a snake in the grass. The snake said let's play and the dog said not today, the cat and the dog then walked away.

Two days had passed and they were walking on the path. Along came the snake, sifting in the grass. It caught the cats attention, the dog said not to stare. Three Days went by and they still were on the path.

On the forth day the cat grew tired, so they stopped to rest along the grass. The snake came along and said lets play. The cat wanted to, but was still very tired and needed to rest. The snake understood and told the cat that the dog had pushed her too far. The cat did not agree, for the dog told the cat to rest.

One full day, the cat had to rest. The snake then told the dog, if you had let her rest more frequently, she would not need to rest this long as she has. The cat over heard and she agreed with the snake.

On the sixth day, the cat and the dog were walking again on the pat. The snake came along and asked the cat to play. She stopped on the path to play with the snake, even though the dog advised the cat not to.

They started to play roughf and the snake bit the cat. The dog became worred, but the cat was not. She has scrached the snake and the wound from the snake seemed very minor. They played some more, late into the night.

All through this time, the dog continued to warn the cat. The dog told the cat that if she did not come and get back on the path before sun rise that he would leave her behind. The snake dissagreed and told the cat that if the dog really cared, he would wait for her till the afternnon at least. The cat agreed and kept on playing with the snake. On the seventh day, the cat was dead.

This story is sad but the lesson is obvious~

Just encase you happen to not understand, here's some translation....

-The Cat Was A Girl, The Dog was a Priest, and The Snake was a Demon.

-The cat was a girl full of swet kindness, the dog was a priest who cared for her dearly.

-The snake was a demon, in discise of a bad boy, who lead her to death.

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