My Life As An Average Teenager
~ That's Just My Luck!

Part of the 'My Luck' Story Collection.
Written By: MCtheGirL

Sometimes you just have to let go of the things you want and just live your life in the flow with your family. Though, sometimes there's just one sibling that makes all of that seemingly impossible. Sure, the adverage family fights and gets alonge once in a while long enough to get a family photo taken or go out to dinner. What if I told you my family is different than yours, yet exactly the same some how?

I'm Judy Wilson, an average teenager living in a seemingly normal house with a seemingly normal family with cats and the family dogs. I have three sisters and two brothers, we're not related. How is this possible? You may be wondering... To have siblings, but no be related. Simple. They we're adopted, I was born into the family by mistake.

My brother Jim is about 16 years old, he gets into al my stuff and sometimes he -pretends to be a girl- but don't tell anyone I told you that. Jim thinks he's a punk rocker who has everything in life, though I see him as a cry baby emo. He's complaining about silly things. Like the time I bought a new dress for myself, after wearing it to the school dance last year, he yelled at me and continusly told me the *proper way* to wash clothes. I find him anoying and complex.

My brother Jake is always listening to music and just sitting there un his room. He calls himself emo, but I call him gothic. Why? You ask. Sure, he seems pretty dull, but I don't believe I've ever once heard him complain about a thing. He's nice to bugs and he for some reason colects them and at the same time, he's the hottest guy in school! Well, out of school really. He's 21 and comes to high school to pick me up or hit on the teachers. Bottom line, eveyone loves Jake and I tink he's great, but kind of a creepy guy when you think about his hobbies.

My sister Krista is into all sorts of things. She's one of those *cool girls* who is always a gerk, but some how popular. She thinks purple and black are the coolest colors on the planet and that the sky really is blue. She's very street smart, but a total air head when it comes down to math. She never really gets in my way and I soem how respect her just because she's out there~

My sister Diana is quite the opposet. She's not cool in any way, just your adverage 14 year old who thinks the world is her own back yeard. She loves everything and anything that comes her way. Her favorite colors are yellow, pale pink and orange. She's totally annyoing, but she has lots of real friends and never gets cought up in stuff like Jim or Kirsta. Her favorite animal in the whole world just happens to be white ducks. Not just any duck, white ducks, expecially with yellow bills.

My sister Jane is always sick. I don't think I've ever once seen her go out side or let her self be hit by sun light. She's as white as a ghost and she gets a rash when she goes in the sun, or so she says. The only times where I see her out side is before and after school. She walks from and to the car, that's it. I honestly believe she is some kind of whitch, vampire. She's always in her room reading that one bigblack book with the skulls on it and writing in her red note book with silver chains around it. She keeps both books by her bed and always puts them back in the exact same spot. The only colors she wears are black, gray and sometimes red or silver.

My dad is what you might call one of the best detectives in the world. He's so good, no one, not even the people nextdoor knows he's alive. "I'm like a fly on the wall," he says. My dad is not someone who talks a lot. He just sits there and listens to everything going on around him. He picks up so much information for the CSI ad FBI that we're able to affoard a two story house. Anyways, he's never home.

My mother is the kind who cleans and cooks all day. Every night she takes a long bath and then scrubs down the entire tub before drying off. Never bring mud into the house, she'll litterly have a panick attact and becoem a stiff frozen board, standing still in one spot for hours on end. No, she does not faint and fall to the floor, there is dirt there, so she wouldn't even dare.

Yeah, we're what you might call a seemingly normal family, but we're not. My brother Jake is a hunter, not just any kind of hunter. Jake hunts demons. The last demon he took care of was the one in the woods near the school who kept taking children. I'm sure glad he finally got that one in the whole. Jim is just Jakes assistant, nothing special. My sister krista is a slayer, the kind who takes care of vampires who run around killing or hurting humans. Jane may or may not be half demon herself, but one thing for sure is when you need a strong spell for sending demons back to hell or cursing someone's grave, she'll always have it ready before you even ask.

There are times when mother snaps and becomes what we call mom; Mother Over Monster. When Jake and Jim aren't home and it's just her, with Diana or Jane and there's a demon in the house, she becomes this insane slaying woman who goes all out to protect her children. Ever seen someone mess with a mother bears cubs and live? She may be afraid of bacteria, but she can get vicious and dirty if she needs to.

What about Diana? You're probably expecting me to say she's some awesoem hunter or mastermind, but honestly, she's just the distraction. Yep! That's right, we us eour own family as bait! How else is mom going to lead the maonster into the basement for her to kill?

I bet you're wonderering where I fit into all of this, right? Well, honestly I don't. I'm just the average teenager, who has a seemingly advarage life. I live with my family and try to get along. We fight a lot and only get along when it's life or death. No seriously, we don't own even one family photo. Never have and never will, that's how dad likes it. I have three good friends who stick with me through out all the hell and they're almost exactly like me.

Tonight was my first real prom ever. I've been to lame school dances, but this was this big, number one -miss it and you'd rather die- kind of prom. As I entered the ball room, a spot liek shined down on me. My boy friend at my side and my girls right behind me. My dress shimmered from the disco ball reflection as I made my way to the dance floor. After dancing with my boy firend and having everyone dance around us, we were abotu to become the king and queen for the night.

Just then, Jim runs into the senter of the ball room, pushing me to the ground and shouts "Monster!" Everyone just stands there, knowing he's an odd boy, they all just stair at him as I yell at him to help me up. A teacher takes the stage and tells everyone to calm down. As the old guy is giving a speach abotu public speakingrights and how we should never abuse them like Jim did, the lights go out. Everyone obviously freaks out and runs all around the place, blind in the dark and tripping over everyone and everything thing. Suddenly a light of flames light up the enter place. -Oh great!- I think to myself. -Turns out Jim was speacking the truth- I turn around just in time to see the face of the spirit form in the flames.

You think I would be used to this kind of stuff by now, right? I mean, I just turned 18 and I've been with this family sense I was born. So why should I scream, right? Forget that! When you see a huge flaming spirit monster staring you in the face, that's just not something you get used to. Sure, seeing the adverage ghost and watching my sister slay demons is fine, but a thing covered in flames?! I think not! So obviously, I scream. I scream so loud in fact, that the flames of the spirit go out.

Someone turned the lights back on and everyone was just on the floor, as if they were sleeping, even Jim was out cold. So there I was walking around a ball room, recieving my shining moment and everyone was asleep! I couldn't believe it, so I shut my eyes and sat down in a chair by the furit table. I must have been sitting there for at least five hours crying my eyes out. Though after the big clock on the wall over the stage struck midnight and no one was waking up. I became worried for them. I started to think they were all dead. Ether way, I knew something was seriously wrong with everone.

I couldn't help but wonder... Why didn't I pass out too? My chest started to burn so I got a glass of furit punch. Just as the juice hit my lips, it felt so cold that I dropped the glass on the gorund. -That's different- I thought to myself. Krista soem how managed to be way late for the party and actually desiced to come after it was supposed to be over. "Here I Am!" She shouted. After walking to the furit table from across the room, she didn't notice everyone was on the floor and just got a glass of furit punch sipping it mindlessly. -That's Krista!- I thought to myself and so I tapped her on the shoulder. "Ah!" She screemed while truning around, yelling at me. I was too busy saying sorry for something I thought I didn't do just so she wouldn;t kick my but, to notice the shocked look on her face. I shut my eyes and prepared my self for a punch in the gut. I waiting for a few seconds, then a minute or two. After that I looked up.

"What's wrong," I asked Krista, "You look like you've seen a ghost" I said with a joking smile. She then steps back and shouts at me, "What kind of joke is that?!" I knew then I was going to get punched. "What have you done with my sister?!" She ordered me to answer her. I asked ehr what she ment and she just yelled at me to stop joking with her. She took the fire hose and unleached tuns of water on me and I became so could I can barely move.

Jake walked in shouting, "Time to go home!" So I screamed, "Yes Please?!" Jake looked at me with a frown and took out his salt gun and shot at me twice. Lucky, I was all wet so I could wiggle out of the way in time. "What have you doen with my sister?!" Krista continued to yelling at me.

-This is strange, I thought to myself- I stood up and walked to the mirror near by thinking I had hurt my face when Jim pushed me down, -Maybe they don't reconize me- I thought to myself. I got to the mirror and seeing the fire spirit as my reflection, naturally, I screamed. The fire spirit had some how consumed me, yet I was incontrol of it, so it wasn't like the thing had me possed. More like the other way around, in fact. I tried t explain it to my sister and brother, but they wounldn't stop to listen so I sadly had to doge every bulet and the water from the hose.

I figured, if I can screem out loud and posses a spirit demon, maybe if I screem into my lungs, I will release the demon for my family to get rid of. As I screamed in, my reflection turned back into what I looked like before. They still didn't believe me. As I was runign form them, I tripped on what was my own body. -That's extreamly differet!- I shouted to myself. I then thought my only way out of thi was to wake myself up with a kiss like in sleeping beuaty or something like that. So I kiseed myself and woke up. Krista helped me I get up off the floor and as my brother took care of the fire spirit. After the things was back in hell, everyone started waking up. No one had any memory of anything except my brother pushing me on the floor. Poor Jim, always the weird one. Everyone was dancing agin, even my boy friend and myself. Jake and Krista seemd to remember everything and just wating for everyone to notice the time. One in the morning, the clock dinged. Everyone looked up on the stage. For the teacher's word. The teachers simply said time flew by and not to be concerned. They called my boyfriend and myself up to the stage and we became King and Queen of the prom.

Yeah, that's my adverage teenage life. Sure, I'm not that average, but sense my fmaily and I have moved to Texas, you'd never guess I was once the Prom Queen of Wolf Point, Montana.

I'm nothing special, I just live here~