Seven Cursed Days

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There were these three girls, and I was one of them. Everyone had always said that we looked so happy, the three of us, identical. We all had soft long golden hair, deep blue eyes, with pink ribbon ties. We got along, though we fought only some, just as sisters usually do. Though in the year 2000, the day we each turned 13 years of age. Our birth day party went exactly as mother planed. The banners were hung, confetti in the air, with balloons every where. We had a huge cake, with plenty to spare.

The day after our birth day, my sister gained weight, we figured it was all that cake she had ate. A day later I became ill, my face was green like a lima been, my hands were clams, and boy was I lazy. The third day after our birthday, the other sister began to rage; she would shout and scream all about. A day after that my sister was really fat; she couldn’t fit her pants, she envied my waste line. The fifth day after our birth day, my sister didn’t like what our mom had told her… Out of wrath & furry, she pushed her down the stairs, and now our mom, she’d dead.

The next day the cops came and took away mothers body. This group of people, I think called CPS, they took me and my sister in for care, there other one to arrest.

Turns out my sister didn’t just kill mom though also got saluted by our dad with lust. Right when we got to our destination, my sister hogged all the food and so as she got fatter, I became more thin.

Seven days from our birthday, our sister, now in jail, she takes much thought into how she’d get anyone if they messed up here day and now she plans out her ways. She prefects each move and stores it deep within her mind. Our sister fat sister’s now dead, for she ate her self to death. I am ill and dieing now, the other sister is now on death row.

1. Gluttony, 2. Sloth, 3. Envy, 4. Wrath, 5. Lust, 6. Greed, 7. Pride.

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