The King Who Saved Himself

Random Stories Collection

There once was a man who was a prince and a woman who was a princes. When they were children, they lived peacefully in the castle of Karma. Each and every night they would pray to their mothers and fathers before them for their gifted protection against evil. Each and every night they would remind protected.

The prince and the princess were chosen before birth to wed. They did not like this idea, though they never went against it for they knew no other ways. The prince married the princess at the age sixteen. They lived happily as king and as queen.

One night when the queen was out bathing, along came a man who was dressed in black and gold. This man fell in love with her body, nude in the moon light. She fell in love with the ninjas power. And so they made love. The king found out about this the next morning. He felt betrayed by his wife.

The king truly loved his wife and was willing to forgive her. The queen could not except this, she wanted the king to punish her. He couldn't lay a harmful hand on her even if he tried. The queen struck the kings face and went off to her duties. The king cried for hours.

The next night, the ninja came back. The queen was again out bathing in the hot springs, and that ninja took her away into the darkness of the night. The queen tried to scream for her king, but the ninja had bound and gagged her. Still struggling for breath, the queen threw up her legs, hitting the ninja in the face. He draped her and the ropes came loose. She uncovered her moulth and screamed for her life, but no one could hear her for she was to far away into the night. The ninja quickly recaptured her and took off again.

The next day the king noticed his queen missing. At first he thought nothing of it. But when he realized she had left no notes, he got worried. He went to the spot where she would bath and there he found her clothes. He did not go back to the castle for his weapons, but he hurried and went straight after the queens fresh trail of blood. He was lucky it just happened to be that time of the month. The king and her both.

The king came along a young witch, she had golden hair with white pale skin. Much more beautiful than his princess. the witch asked the king to have her, the king said, "No, I have my queen."

"Though I am much prettier than your queen and I would never betray you like she has."

The king didn't even stop to think, "My queen is young and confused, she would never mean to betray me."

"If that is what you truly believe," the witch said, "then I shall not let you pass. Though, if you were to lie about your feelings and speak the truth about your queen you would not have to fight me."

"I believe my queen is true to me, and I shall not lie about my feelings," the king said, "so if I must slay you to save my queen, then I shall."

"So be it!" Yelled the witch.

The king and the witch fought for a good hour. She used her magic, he used his sward and muscle. The witch almost had him, but then he head his queen yell out "No!" And then his strength returned to him. With out wasting anymore time, he cut off the witch's head.

The ninja came out of hiding and healed the queen as hostage. The king could not stand for this. He grabbed his dagger and lunged at the ninja holding his queen. He relied on his on his promise to never hurt the queen that the dagger would not strike through her. It missed. He had jabbed the dagger into the heart of the ninja with out harming his queen. The ninja released the queen. The ninja trembled to the ground and slowly died.

The king hugged his queen tightly and said, "I love you more than for your body and mind, I love your for your soul." The queen began to cry because she knew she did not love him like he loved her. She would never even risk her own life to save his, nor would she stay faithful if she were in his position with the witch. So she pushed away her king, and pulled the dagger from the ninjas heart and said, "I do not love you, but if you truly love me you will stay with me. No, to prove your love to me you shall kill your self."

The king took the dagger from the queens hands, and said to the queen, "You must think me to be a great fool. For I love you so much for me to kill myself for you? No! Who would protect you if I was dead? Who would carry you back to the castle? Who would be there for you every night? Who would dare love you more than I? I shall not kill myself for you my queen, I shall kill myself for me. Good bye my beloved."

The king jabbed himself in the heart as he said, "I have killed two people to protect my queen. A man and a woman. Though, I have taken my own life to protect me from you. You are the witch, you killed my queen."