Invaders Identified: Hamsters
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#Not So Real
#Scientific Religion
#My Enemy A Hero
#A Miniature Error
#A Human World
#Deadly Cute
#Aliens, Are We?
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Intro: If all Scientific facts and Religions were an Error...

Not So Real
Hamsters, ounce known as the smallest, cutest, pet friends threw out the world... Easy to care for, fun to play with, entertaining children of most ages - practically harmless marsupials, commonly mistaken for rodents such as mice - turned into the invasion of Earth, much worse than heard of on X-Files.
They weren't "just" already hear; they did not invade us. They did not return; they simply never left. They were actually, the original species of our home planet.
Scientific Religion
Before the humans, the so-called "hamsters" were the greatest intellectual minds in the universe. Even with all their belief in science, they also had such a thing as religion or perhaps a prophecy.
They believed that one day, all of their people would succumb to the "zombie" apocalypse; do to an elderly disease called alzheimer, if they did not die young. Thus they had strict law, "Everyone must die, before their 1826 year of living," being just before they turn six years old. If one were to live past till six years old, they would turn and curse those around them with the infection.
The most common signs of one turning would be that of an animal becoming rabid. Choking on their own saliva, eyes fogging over, along with constant aggression towards all and multiple extreme cravings, much worse than that of a human toddler, a woman having hot- flashes and a teen age boy combined into one creature.
The only way to save them and the ones near by, was to burry, burn or seal them away; killing one infected, was known as impossible. Proof of one having already turned was that beyond imagination. Blood shot eyes, extreme hair loss and scale-like skin, with over grown teeth and a hunger for just about everything that dared to move.
Ounce turned, there was no way to save them and the only way to protect others was to literally shred their now-neanderthal brains. Yet, with the turned ones, having such monstrous strength and no understanding for common sense, with limited weakness - having become over grown and impossible to kill - they needed help in defeating the zombies.
My Enemy A Hero
They altered the genetics of the sky creature known as the "sky rats" which were large birds that were dying out. With sky rats as the hamsters one true predator, only sky rats had the ability to defeat the turned. The ones known as hamsters, used the DNA of the sky rat along with their own DNA to create the humans.
Humans were far to experimental and impractical to maintain, so they first created multiple other creatures such as:
  1. *Lions, created from the DNA of the runner stripes clan.
  2. *Bears, altered from the larger yet smaller clan known as the teddy.
  3. *Elephant, -though a failure in trials- the dumbo clan was proud.
  4. *Cows, -which provided distractions for the uninfected to flee- made from the DNA of the Spotters.
After many more trials and errors, along with inbreeding and different DNA altered creatures, formed the new world.
A Miniature Error
Everything worked out well - except most became uncontrollable and some DNA alterations were unstable, the infected perished - yet the uninfected were becoming rare and overwhelmed by the alternative creatures. After quick alterations and irrational terror, they let loose the experimental humans, now programmed to succumb all other creatures and be the ultimate predators.
Even with they new found safety, they realized they themselves would become the prey of humans as well, if they remained as the higher intellectual creature. Thus the hamsters pledged their own children's children, to be not so cleaver at all and the rule "to die before turning six years old" encoded into their own DNA. With a special DNA protein additive, that would reverse the pledge ten centuries later - that's when they believed in the prophecy., the zombie apocalypse would end - was their fail safe to ounce again become the highest of intellectual creatures on Earth.
A Human World
Ten centuries later, the infected never raised yet neither did the fail safe.
...After the twentieth century, one out of every million hamster has awoken. With all their brilliance, unsure of their past and only ever knowing the life of being a "pet" of a human, the hamsters struggled to continue as if nothing had changed. Humans continued believing they were the brilliant creatures of Earth, yet some felt as if there was or is other intelligent life else were.
Humans developed stories and movies, most being based off of cave drawings and passed down religion -of alterations made by hamsters, their creators- unknowing of their true meanings. Zombies were often common and other myths such as vampires - inspired by long extinct sky rats - that were the cure and bringer of death. With all the experiments humans had done and continued into the twenty first century, they had unknowingly fixed a protein and awoken the curse with in rabies.
Deadly Cute
Merely five years after the year two thousand, all hamsters had awoken and that very same new years, the knowledge of their past recorded in DNA passed down from generations, was realized Sense two thousand six, not only had the hamsters reduced their life spans to about three years to prevent infection, they'd also been preparing and continuing to pass down information on to each generation.
Maintaining their cover as semi harmless house pets, their mission to invaded one out of every 3 american families had been realized Spreading to all other countries of the world; they've been preparing to re-claim Earth, control all other creatures and finally, be the ultimate predators.
Aliens, Are We?
Before the invasion, hamsters lived long lives and fed from the gardens they grew and pollinated themselves.
All creatures other than hamsters, were created by the altered DNA of the Sky Rats, which were not of Earth. They came from Mars, after the burning freeze -which incinerated those who stayed behind- that left a barren waste land of a planet. Sky Rats invaded Earth for the source of water and heat.
Along with the Sky Rats, came parasites known as insects, which infected the crops. All crops had been infected; thus hamsters had no choice but to make due with what they had. Eating infected crops only proved problematic after the elderly had grown up eating infected crops threw out their life. Sky Rats did not communicate with the hamsters and hamsters feared the sky rats because they'd be eaten if seen by any sky rat.
That's how it began.
Credits / info.
This Original Story was created & written by Melissa Carlisle.
The story you can view here is only a fraction of details, outlining the big picture of it all; sense the whole story is far to detailed. Most of the story with all of its details would probably not make much sense to many people; sense it did in fact play out in a dream of mine, there for the logic is extremely sketchy. I hope you're glad I spared the internet from such details. Please enjoy~
Please only link back to this page and do not public clips or quotes of this story on any blogs. An advance "Thank You" to all viewers & thank you all, fellow writers.