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Parental Ratings

All Stories are considered un-rated and are public.
Though some stories may be categorized as horror,
most may be considered inappropriate for children ages 12 and under.

Permissions / Use

All of these stories are copyright protected.
If you steal/use any of these stories with out proper permission,
the proper action will be taken.
If you have permission to use these stories in any way,
but you do not have the copyright protection shown,
we will take the proper action in contacting you
and possibly revoke your permission for use of these stories.

Ownership Of Stories

You should notice that the owner and writer's name will be
at the end or beginning of each story's page.
If you feel that someone used your story,
please contact MCtheGirL and ask to have
your story removed or renowned.

Re-owning A Story

First you must have the original document of the story in .txt format.
The last date Modified must be that of the story creation or an earlier date.
We will not renowned a story if you do not have the proof that the story is yours.
If nether assumed owners can not provide proof, then the story will be taken down.

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Most stories are written by and owned by MCtheGirL.
Some stories are written by, members, friends and interns.
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