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Like it Can

M.C’s blog site +store.

Occasionally, poetry and stories will be posted here along with updates of the other websites.

MCtheGirL occasionally writes restaurant reviews along with reviews of products.

Instagram photos will be uploaded here and on display along with descriptions for the photos and tagged people will be linked to posts themselves.

Like it can is primarily an entertainment website.

You can sign in to check on your order or buy something from the store.

Free shipping on giveaways and raffles will also be commonly held for those with membership along with events for those who signed in with Google or Facebook.

GPs√ Online

For those who love guineapigs or want to learn more about them; you can share your knowledge too! Watch guineapig videos, share cute photos of guineapigs.

Learn how to properly care for your guinea pigs health.

Share photos of your cage set up.

Demonstrate your daily routine with your piggies.

Upload blogs about your guineapigs.

Share your guineapig videos and embed them viva YouTube.

Check out our top recommend sites for guineapig tips and information.




ChronicPets has Free membership for those with life-long disabilities / chronic-illness that have/want and/or like service animals / emotional support pets.

Find friends who have the same chronic illness as yourself so you don’t need to explain anything. This is primarily a social website.

Join an individual group specified for your individual disability or a chronic illness such as migraines, lupus, arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, etc. By joining those specific groups that you have been medically diagnosed with, you will be free of judgment in such groups because the other people there are going through the same or very similar symptoms as you are struggling with yourself.

Membership is and will always free on the chronic pets site.

Share photos of your pets and share knowledge about service animals.

Share memes with light hearted humor to help others continue their lives.

Those listed above are part of M.C’s Network!