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MCtheGirL Description: an entertainment website with stories, poetry, lyrics, icons, character profiles, educational facts about animals, web code examples, etc. or


Site Name

Here’s a short Description for those to read URL











View the rules below before submitting your request to become an affiliate.

REQUIREMENT: You must already have this website linked on your own website. Your website must be rated PG or M for mature, but not R for restricted and Unrated is not an option.

Use your best judgment to rate your own website before submitting. If your website contains R level materials in fantasy stories or for medical purposes, that is completely fine as long as there is a warning placed somewhere visible on the website above the content itself or on the homepage of your website.

Your website must be able to be “categorized” under at least one of these categories in order to be considered an affiliate of

  • Website code such as HTML or CSS.
  • Literature: stories, poetry, lyrics.
  • Educational: animal or plant facts.
  • Entertainment: videos, art, blogs, games.
  • Web Experience, Site Hosting, Domains.
  • Graphic Design: icons, banners, sketch / drawing, alterations, photography, etc.

You should pick at least one of those to be displayed as your category. Your category will be displayed as italic [I] if you write it in the description of your website.

Example of Affiliate Listing.

Your Site Name

Site Name Description: .. category …. URL

How to Submit Affiliation Request:

You must submit a description of your website by posting a comment. Along with your site name and you are required to put your website link/url in the designated area displayed; it will appear when you are posting a comment.

Make sure to include a working email address because you will need to respond to an email in order to be approved.

You will need to either email your site button or share an example on your website. You can also share the URL of the icon that can be downloaded and uploaded to this website in order to be displayed. Post that URL for your photo in the text area after the description content of your website at the very end of your message.

The rating of your site is not necessarily required but understand your website will be viewed by an administrator before becoming listed on this website, therefore your website must follow the rules for the affiliation listing.

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