Graphic Nausea Excuse collection Warning

This is my First post here, so I will add photos from the past along with things of the now… Just not in this post. **WARNING!!!** REAL PHOTOS!! **Look away if you have a squeamish stomach.**

* It’s called Graphic Nausea Excuse for a reason. Real photos of open wounds, death, stitches, etc.

*I have added more photos up to date for the new year.

There are two links / urls

WP of Like It Can

Also on, Google+

*Originally I made this section because I felt like I had to explain it constantly, over and over again and I got annoyed. I figured that if I posted publicly, then most would just stop asking, “How’d you get that scar?” Or the usual, “Omg, what happened?!?” After I explain, usually, “oh, I feel sorry for you.” That often made me mad because I’ve met people who have it worse.
—>There are so many people who don’t have legs to even feel the physical pain. If you can’t feel pain, can you honestly feel pleasure… like sand between your toes at the beach? The water jets in a spa? Even though I can’t always use them, at least if I absolutely have to, I can attempt to run out of a burning building. Doesn’t mean I’d make it out the door for sure, but I’m not going down without a fight. Some people don’t have the option to even try to escape a burning building. ° I’d rather be in pain than have no legs at all. Just to put on soft socks in the winter, toss your legs in the pool during summer, that’s something some people never got the chance to do.
—>Pain stinks, but I’m alive. I know I’m alive because I am in pain. ° When I died in the hospital, I had no pain at all. There was nothing bothering me emotionally either. I’d rather be in pain while keeping my legs than be dead.

*Obviously, the ° doctors brought me back to life before brain damage could set in. Otherwise I would be posting from beyond the dead mueahahahaha~ but nope. I’m alive.

* Point of why I’m not online or wasn’t online for months at a time, etc.

* It may be just an excuse to most, but personally, it is deep to me. After all, all that’s left is the documents.
° I wanted to personally post publicly, now it’s on record.
—-> what ever is believed by others, I dare not change. I only offer the evidence of what I have and has been. I hope that others see my mistakes of things like walking when the doctors tell you not to walk, I only wish the told me “why” I should not have walked and “what” would or “could” happen if I played “hop scotch” when doctors said “don’t” because when you’re not even twelve years old yet, -you’ve already played hop scotch, so you think, “How could it be bad? It’s not like drugs. It’s just a game during snack time.” But then your ankle brakes. – I get that the doctors didn’t want to scare me, but if they had told me, I know for a fact that I would have staid put in that wheel chair for a few weeks after surgery. I didn’t know because they originally diagnosed me as piggin toed and claimed my pain would go away with a simple surgery. Only after all of the BS did that same doctor tell me, “I’m so sorry, I miss diagnosed you, I should have never done those surgeries.” I was still under age so I really could not have done anything at the time because I didn’t know what I know now. ° recently before he said that, I was diagnosed by three different specialists and two different doctors who all said I have Fibromyalgia which was the primary reason for my pain even before my first surgery. Also, types O & R of Arthritis, chronic migraine head aches, etc etc etc.

° ° ° long story short, get 3 more options from different doctors who work in completely different buildings before having a surgery to fix pain that is not known to be life threatening. Seriously.

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