Migraine Vanish?

Meme, “When you’ve had that migraine all night long and yesterday,” then it vanishes…
What did you do differently?
Do you even know?

Guinea pigs are great emotional support pets.

•They usually come when they are called.

•They are quiet when you really need them to be.

•They instinctively understand when you are in pain and will try to cheer you up. •They are loyal like a dog.

•They are independent and clean themselves like cats.

•They are not much larger than a football at their adult age.

•They go with your routine.

•They can call me down by purring like a cat while you pet them.

•They are cuddly like a bunny.

•They can be litter box trained. They usually give you a warning before they pee on you which means if you watch for the signs, they’ll never pee on you because you put them back when they need to go pee.

•They like to play with toys just like a large parrot or a small curious bird.

*Guinea pigs are awesome.

•Each one has their own individual personality just like humans do.

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