Quick info about MCtheGirL

I own this blog wp site and I manually code my main site along with multiple others.

All I ask is Respect.

I have guinea pigs aka cavy. Thy are my babies. I also have fish and shrimp. Lots of plants.


I like pets, plants, design, code, anime, YouTube, etc. Yes, I am a long time fan of Shane.

I have multiple old YouTube channels~

I am a phenetic speller.

I died.

Doctors brought me back to life.

I’ve had multiple surgeries though, none of them were cosmetic. . I was on life support, woke up in the I.C.U. & WTH?! Oh, I’m alive again. Ok. Wait! I died?!? Yeah.

In the past… Medical stuff: Before 2018…

  • Was in a wheelchair for a long time as a child, teen and adult, all on & off.
  • Able to walk and I will again, then I did.
  • Ended up with walking pnamonia.
  • My ankles broke.
  • Had a big, bad, blood clot in my heart.
  • I’ve been on life support before.
  • Random seziures, Absent & grand mall.
  • Fibromyalgia sense born.
  • OA and RA types of arthritis.
  • Wisdom teeth removed.
  • Chronic migraine head aches.
  • Allergic reactions with rash.
  • Allergies that almost killed me.
  • Sinus information.
  • Inner ear infections.
  • Ear drums have blown out & regrown.
  • Impacted gul badder stones.
  • Gul bladder sugically removed.
  • I.V. in neck multiple times.
  • Pick line is the usual for blood.
  • Nerve Block Injections in neck.
  • Botox injections for migraines.
  • Leg braces & casts.
  • Back brace for scoliosis.

…eh- I forgot the rest.

Yeah, -Vampire Maiden is soooo not done, yet.

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Etc later okay

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