Amino: I joined a migraine support group

I joined a Migraine Support group on Amino. 

Here is the link to my introduction URL.

Hi, I’m M.C. it’s not a fake name it’s my first and last name initials. I have chronic migrainges and chronic headaches; I know that migraines and headaches are completely different.

One thing I know for sure to tell the difference is a migraine feels like a heartbeat in your head, more like a hammer than a heartbeat, headaches are an aching pain, migraines are a throbbing pain.

Among other things that I have, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, congestive heart failure (w/medical implant heart defibrillator), scoliosis, failed corrective leg surgery on both ankles, absence seizures, OCD, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Along with having multiple allergies such as, mild wheat allergy, lactose intolerance, peanuts, grapes, turkey, pork, lamb, selfish, etc.

I have a lot of problems, but making my migraines better like make everything else better. The domino effect is what hurts me the most, making me not productive and if one thing flares up so does everything else pretty much.

Probably, I should mention that even though I can walk I am mostly in a wheelchair for safety reasons because I’ve fallen so many times in the past due to vertigo with a migraine and because my legs randomly give out due to nerve damage or I pass out due to a seizure or blood pressure dropping.

The osteoarthritis is most severe on the left side of my skull and very prominent in my left ankle with some of my right ankle well spread throughout different parts of my body. The rheumatoid arthritis is actually more so in my feet than in my hands, I still find it difficult to type or hold a pencil at times, especially if I have a migraine it’s kind of like what’s the point?

I’m not suicidal, the depression I was diagnosed with is purely due to the pain and an ability to interact with others throughout the day due to physical restrictions. I’m not always depressed oh, I have an emotional support pet, her name is ButterCup, she is a guinea pig, like a big hamster, or a very small puppy. She is almost 7 years old. I am disabled but that doesn’t mean I can’t live my life.


Contacted me through Facebook is the fastest way to get a response from me, other than texting. Yes my Facebook username and amino username or the same.

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