GP: Reverse Action

Reverse Action

My guinea pigs have reverse their routine~

I am a bit confused…

I know the average guinea pig tends to squeak when a refrigerator opens or the hair bad krinkle, but lately they haven’t been doing that. They’ve actually decided to squeak upon my approaching of their cage.

They used to sleep in their cage and would get active when I took them out, now they’re more active in their cage and go to sleep when I take them out.
Only one of them knows how to play possum, but that’s not it. they both have attitude when you try to wake them up and I know you’re not supposed to wake a sleeping piggy anyways oh, but that’s how I know they’re not playing possum is they give me attitude if I try to move them.

I know that ButterCup has been addicted to sleeping on pillows for a very long time, lately I’m beginning to think my other guinea pig is learning this addiction. I tried putting pillows in her cage for them to lay on, so they would less likely just go to sleep when I took them out of the cage… Apparently, it doesn’t matter if I don’t put a pillow down on the floor for them when they’re out of the cage, they will somehow get a hold of one usually when I leave to go to the bathroom. It’s not like they’re going to get hurt by any wires or any predators in a room with a closed door, but I have not yet seen them for myself get on top of a sofa. They’re on the floor, then they’re on the sofa, how? They lay on top of the pillow and go to sleep. Sometimes o e of them is on the sofa on top of a pillow come up with the other pillow on the floor and the other guinea pig on top of that pillow. Both sound asleep.

I put them back in the cage and they become highly active. Active enough for a six-year-old guinea pig can get basically, with the other guinea pig just running around in circles in the cage.

The younger one but usually popcorn when I put her in the fence or in the room, but now she waits to do it till she’s back in the cage. I cannot comprehend this behavior. . Does she want back out? I take her out again, she goes to sleep. I put her back in the cage, she runs around in circles, and then once more food and hay as usual. Why do they not sleep in their cage? I mean I’ll see them sleeping on and off for maybe 5 minutes each time, but the only time I’ve ever seen my guinea pigs sleep for a full complete 20 minutes without opening their eyeball, is winner on a pillow. The pillow I put in her cage they tore up. The pillow on a sofa they do not tear up. I tried putting a sofa pillow in her cage just to see what would happen, they tore that pillow up. It was not that specific pillow.

I don’t know why they go to sleep when I take them out.
I don’t know why but I put them back in they become more active. It used to be the other way around. They have been genuinely confused and I’m wondering if that’s their game.

I’ve put food out for them with water and veggies when they run around oh, yes they eat that and they’ll eat that when they’re in her cage too, but they sleep more now when I take them out. Often, Buttercup will just go to sleep on me, which had been normal since she was a baby, but now more frequently she doesn’t just pretend to sleep on me, she actually falls asleep. I can see her eyes twitch, like when they do when she’s fighting to stay awake. The younger one that is 3 years old though, appears to just fall asleep along with buttercup and I’m wondering if it’s basically becoming a learned behavior or what?



With vets saying everything’s fine, that it’s normal for a guinea pig of ButterCup’s age 6, but for Jalmon the three-year-old guinea pig oh, they have no explanation other than possibly learned behavior…

Strange thing is though, it was Jalmon the younger guinea pig who started this behavior first, that I noticed.

I have added pictures of them being awake in their cage, at the time of day when they’re usually asleep in their cage or used to usually be asleep in her cage.


They don’t have a bowl of water in her cage, they have a water bottle and I’ve noticed that Buttercup has been wetting her self down with the water bottle.

I took the water bowl out of their cage cuz I was worried they’d get cold from being wet in Winter because they usually get in the water bowl and give themselves a bath. Now Buttercup has figure it out how to get water on her head from the water bottle and repeatedly bumps her head up against the mouthpiece. Know she does know how to use it correctly, I’ve made sure of that and I’ve seen her drink it many times before, she apparently just wants water on her head. With that information the vet literally told me to just give her a bath. Buttercup seem too happy with that, but upon taking her out of the bath, she flipped out and I sat her back down in the water and she laid down and was pretty content… I know she likes to soap and warm water do to the arthritis, but for a guinea pig, isn’t 20 minutes long enough? I mean I can put the warm bucket of water in my lap and let her soak, but after 20 minutes the water gets cold. I used to only do 5 to 10 minutes in between shampooing and rinsing, for the soaking part.


So far most of the time they’re awake in the cage, they go to asleep when I take them out, they’re still managing to get on the sofa or at least one of them is. You’d think that buttercup being the older guinea pig would find it more difficult to get up on top of a sofa, but she’s the one I usually find up on the sofa when I come back from the bathroom.

I thought maybe something in your cage was bothering them, so I cleaned it and I put them back in with just their food water and hay, are used just straight-up carefresh bedding, then I put them in. I didn’t really go to sleep are chill out, Jalmon just cut popcorn being around and I can never get it on video for whatever reason, Buttercup just seemed to randomly be doing push-ups, like she would lay down should stand up should roll over and lay down and stand up, so I checked them for fleas and mites but there was nothing and same said the vet, even people at the pet stores didn’t see anything wrong with them.

I tried it again, I removed everything from their cage, I even sanitize their cage and got a whole new one, looks exactly the same, I put nothing in the bottom of the cage other than some paper towels. I did not even put their water bottle or food or hey or anyting, then I put them in it. And I sat there and watched them, waiting to see if they would want water or food or lay down and go to sleep or- I don’t know what I was really expecting, but the younger one just popcorn around cage and Buttercup was doing her push ups, and then out of nowhere they just started screaming… And Buttercup started throwing her fit, the fit that meant she wanted food and where is my blanket fit, she gave me the stink eye. The younger one just kept squeak screaming at a high pitch and was just demanding for her toy balls. when she popcorns around she usually pounces on the balls and throws them up against the cage and apparently she realized she didn’t hear the bells that make sound in the balls when she popcorn around.

I tried multiple different types of bedding but always went back to the carefresh in the end, now I’ve given up I’m changing their bedding to something different. They don’t get fleas because I’m allergic to sheep / wool.

Yes, I have put balls on the floor for them when they run around. they both used to play with the balls and push them around the floor with their nose, but now all they seem to be interested is in the sofa pillows. They don’t care about the sofa pillows if I put the pillows in their cage though. I don’t understand why the activity has become reversed. I thought that maybe they were smelling the guinea pig from the past who had died on the sofa and the pillow set, so I washed the sofa and put new pillows on it, completely new inside and out, but they reacted the same. It’s not the dead guinea pig scent, HonniDhal, the one that died. There’s nothing wrong with them or their food, there’s nothing that’s really changed in the environment other than its winter versus Summer, but they’ve been through winter and summer before so I don’t see why that would be so different now.

I tried putting a frozen water bottle in a towel in a cage to see if they were just too hot and going to sleep and maybe that’s why Buttercup was washing herself with her water bottle since I took her water bowl away cuz it’s winter. Apparently she absolutely hated the idea and peed on it and then wanted nothing to do with it. The three-year-old decided to just straight up she threw the plastic and then when she got to the ice she wanted nothing to do with it. They did not care for the frozen water bottle. It should have been obvious to me because it is winter after all, but the signs that I was seeing is how they would react when it’s summer.

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