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Introducing myself to an amino group…. Here is the link to this post in the amino group.

Hi, I’m Melissa Carlisle and I am a girl, that is why my username is m c the girl ~ Yes, I am a real human.

DISCLAIMER: If rulse are, by chance being broken in anyway whatsoever, and this post that you are currently reading, PLEASE, let me know and rather than me taking it down I will edit my post and fix whatever is wrong. I just need you to be specific about it.

*I’ve added some pictures of my fish and my guinea pigs and this post, also of myself, artwork of a fake fish wearing a wig, an animation of myself to help with the introduction. Enjoy these images and if you don’t like them oh, that’s perfectly fine with me.

I really like fish a lot. Pretty much all animals but especially fish and mammals in the rodent family along with doves in the bird family.

I don’t know a whole lot about fish, I use filters that I buy at pet stores but I also use pumps in buckets with charcoal as well along with tubing to connect all the tanks together. Recently there is a leak in one of the tanks and I couldn’t figure out which one and the wall socket had a problem, in order to fix the socket I had to take everything away from the wall so that the person could work on it. The electrician I mean. So I have to start all over with the fish tanks and get new ones because I don’t know which one was leaking, where it was leaking or why it was leaking or how the crack happened because I couldn’t find a crack anywhere.

I currently have two guinea pigs and some goldfish that I have to move to a different tank oh, by the time someone reads this if it’s been a few months might have everything already set up by then.

I use Google voice listening app to type most of what I say for on my touch screen phone, I have arthritis, osteo and rheumatoid so typing can be difficult. So often the listening app …
-wellness understand seriously okay go back cross that out- oh joy that’s an example right there off.

Often the listening app WILL MISUNDERSTAND MY WORDS so if you don’t understand me please just say so but I will do my very best to type on my phone to reply.

Graphic and web design. Often, I use HTML / hypertext markup language, CSS which is cascading style sheet, along with other code and graphic design with alterations, Etc. I draw a lot of different things but my drawing by hand is not always very good mainly due to my arthritis. I take care of my pets. Netflix and YouTube is common. Babysitting my nieces. Cleaning house, fixing random things out of boredom or because someone asked me for help with something.

NOTICE: Just so you know* I’m trying to do my best to go through this blog back and forth texting and using the listening app to write down my works for me so I fix my mistakes in this post so that you can better understand me and to show an example of how this thing touched a mess up my speech but it’s not the listening apps fault all the time my words tend to fumble do to my seizures or simply due to the pain with my migraine headaches.

Migraines, chronic fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, scoliosis, seizures, OCD, stress disorder, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis; those are things that have been diagnosed buy multiple specialist type doctors. Along with my cardiologist who has diagnosed me with congestive heart failure and my oncology doctor who has me on a blood thinner.

I’m not looking for sympathy whatsoever, I am only introducing myself and letting everyone be aware of my problems so that there are no misunderstang. So if there are any misunderstandings please simply say so and I will do my best to either understand you or to fix my writings so that you can understand me because sometimes it looks like gibberish and I apologize for that. My typing is much better on a full keyboard, I don’t have a full keyboard for my cell phone oh, I only use the full keyboard on my laptop and desktop computer and other computers that I fix.

Fixing desktop computers, replacing power supplies / that fan box inside the computer tower, is something that I do for free as long as someone brings the replacement power supply with them.
DO NOT OFFER ME MONEY. I will not accept money.
I will Not and I am not asking for money, I do not charge money for my services. I will however accept donations made on my behalf, but it’s not money for me it’s if you send money to a 100% real donation like for the manatees, and just put my name on a certificate that’s what my aunt used to do often for my birthday and Christmas. DON’T SEND ME MONEY, if you want to donate to such a cause, please go to the physical location of where the manatees are cared for or go to their official website, better yet don’t involve me at all. *You should take credit for your own donations.
I’m not asking anyone to do this whatsoever, I do not want money from anyone. I am trying to make myself as clear as possible on this fact that I am not asking for money at all. If you send me money I will send it back I do not accept it and I am not trying to be rude, everything I do is volunteer work I don’t like getting paid for stuff that I pretty much do as a hobby.
I have my own little job that works along with my disabilities so I don’t need anything else in that way.

The best way someone could ever give me a donation is simple facts. If you want to give me facts about fish, I would appreciate that.
*I like facts. I like to learn lots of random facts.
Especially about fish, guinea pigs, computers, computer code, web code, plants, different types of bugs and insects, etc. I do care about other animals but I’m less interested in those facts.

INFORMATION is what I like more because you can never stop learning unless you are dead. As long as you are alive you can still learn oh, that is what I believe. Even if I become a vegetable on life support as long as the plug is not pulled I think I’d have a chance at coming back and maybe I’d hear things when in a coma like I did before.

I was only recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 2 years ago when I went to the hospital for pneumonia and they hospitalized me. Apparently I died in the hospital for about 2 to 3 minutes and the doctors brought me back oh, I know I don’t remember everything. What I woke up downtown in the ICU they told me that I was in a medical induced coma that the doctors put me in so I wouldn’t pull out my tubes. strangest thing is that I actually remember dying and being dead and being brought back and in between and all of that but I’m not trying to talk about religious stuff or whatever here I’m just like you know that it did happen oh, I did technically die, but I’m alive and I’m fine. I am living with my disabilities to the best of my ability and pushing myself to strive further.

I had multiple leg surgeries as a child around the age 12 and then again when I was 17. Back in 2014 I had another surgery on my ankle to fix my Arch so that I could walk. The doctor took bone for my kneecap and the side of my shin to put into my Arch and ankle for reinforcements.
My gallbladder was removed due to impacted stones. I also have a heart defibrillator medical implant device inside my chest which will shock my heart back into the rhythm if anything goes wrong

Most commonly I am in a wheelchair, but due to my latest surgeries along with my medical prescription shoe inserts and my boots I am able to walk like a normal person except after I’ve been walking for more than 5 minutes my limp becomes obvious to even myself which can be annoying. I’m only allowed to stand up or walk for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. So if I ever go to the mall or anything or any event or the Farmers market, I’m usually in a wheelchair for my own safety and just so that no one calls an ambulance cuz that stuff gets expensive and I don’t want to scene.

SEIZURES, for me, I mostly absent seizures, my dad says my eyes flicker, other people say I just get a blank look on my face and become unresponsive from anywhere to 2 seconds to 5 minutes. With my seizure medicine I don’t have grand mal seizures I only have absence seizures.

So if anyone else has ANY of these kinds of PROBLEMs, I understand the drama of it all and I’m not here to talk drama, I’m just telling you that I know to a point, of what you are going through because I’m going through it too.

Also, I understand that no one wants attention for migraines because all you want to do is going to a dark room where it is quiet. That is my first advice with any migraine other than see the doctor imma always see the doctor if you think you have migraines. Understanding that someone with fibromyalgia commonly feels more paint than the average person, a simple hug or high-five maybe dreaded upon meeting up with friends. I do “air hugs,” like instead of blowing a kiss you throw a hug through the air. That’s what I do with my nieces and all my other friends.

If anyone wants any of my art that I post, they can save it for themselves as long as they don’t remove my signature or watermark and I will do the same for you. If anyone wants to request art from me, that is perfectly fine though, please understand that it could take anywhere from an hour to a few weeks depending on my medical condition and how I am feeling. It’s free art so there’s no need to complain about it anyways, that’s how I see it. Though, that is just my opinion and I do not mean to offend anyone and that way whatsoever, if you don’t like my art simply don’t like it.

*** Everyone has their own style, everyone likes different styles and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.***

Some people like the same style of art many people enjoy similar types of art and not everyone agrees but when it comes to art no one has to agree you just like what you like and that’s all there is to it.

I am in no way whatsoever asking for sympathy or attention with my disorders and medical conditions. I have nearly letting everyone here know so that you might understand. I’m not ignoring people, if I’m not responding I’m probably just not available or I have a migraine and I can’t look at my phone screen. It’s not your fault, it’s not my fault, it is no one’s fault, it just has to do with my health.

*I ALWAYS Respond, Eventually~

If I haven’t responded after 3 days, then message me again directly or contact me on Facebook if you really want to talk because whatever you said to me must not have gotten to my email or might have been marked as spam in my Yahoo mailbox or whatever, either way if it’s been 3 days I probably did not get your message and therefore I was unable to reply because I was not aware of the existence of your message. My name on Facebook is exactly the same as my name here oh, so it is very simple to find me. (MCtheGirL) because my name is Melissa Carlisle and I am a girl. If anyone doesn’t know my name, that’s fine with me. I don’t want to be popular, I don’t think I could mentally handle the pressure.

I have a blog on my website and it just about any blog eyebright elsewhere I’m always sure to save it to my website blog, but sometimes I don’t and I simply forget.
My website is literally my username with DOT com

If anyone is offended by anything that I’ve said above, simply let me know if it’s breaking the rules and anyway and I will go back and alter this blog post and fix it.
I surely hope everyone is satisfied with this version of my introduction to introduce myself here in this group.
With that being said, this is literally just my introduction to the group and I am not talking about anyone else, I will not take this specific post down, I refuse to write a brand new introduction from scratch.

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