Dear Migraine

I can honestly say, I wish we never met.
I’ve missed seeing friends because you took all of my attention. You dared to make me miss the latest Doctor Who episode. I’m tired and I really just want to sleep without you. I don’t need just time, I seriously need space. You harass me constantly and follow me around every corner.

Because of you, I’m never available for parties.
At my cousin’s wedding, you were such a drama queen; I had to shove you under a pillow, so others wouldn’t notice you. You are an embarrassment to my entire family. None of them care about you and most don’t believe you even exist. What’s the point of having you around? Perhaps I will never understand.

Migraine, I really wish –
I could break up with you.

If you were fabric,
I’d cut you out of my life forever.

If you were a hat, I’d never put you on.
If you were my coat, I’d turn you into ash.

If you were my watch,
I’d always be losing time.

If you were my shoes,
I wouldn’t bother donating you.

If you were my hair, I shave you all off.
If you were my home, I’d rather be homeless.

You’ve hurt people’s feelings and you’ve made my words fumble. You’ve tripped me up and made me tumble. You forced me in bed, always against my will.
If I could call the police on you, then you’d be in jail.

If we never met, sure my life wouldn’t be perfect, but at least I wouldn’t have to listen to you ringing in my ears.

I don’t understand your existence.
Why you do, what you do or when?
If I had all the answers, you wouldn’t be testing me.
You’ve ticked me off so many times,
often I think I’m losing my mind.

I get that bully is a rude word,
but that’s what I believe you are.

I hate how you throw things in my line of sight.
I’m so annoyed with all the camera flashes,
you bombard me with daily.
You blinding me, will never win me over.

If I could send you on your own vacation,
I’d pay for the flight and I wouldn’t care about the debt.
You’ve already wasted so much of my money anyways.

I hate how you’re so invisible and quiet upon meeting others, but once you get used to them you never shut up. I don’t want you in my circle, nor in my group. You are not my friend, you never were and never will be.

Please go away, shut the door behind you and never come back. If I could, I’d change all the locks.

I’ve never been so rude
and serious in my entire life,
but when it comes to you…
I’ve never hated something or someone,
more than I will continue,
to always hate you.

Go Away- Seriously,

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