To All in Austin Texas

Introducing Myself to others in Texas.
Hi I’m Melissa Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL
because of my first and last initials and I’m a girl.

I’m moving from Cedar Park, Williamson county to Austin, Travis county. I’m originally from California.

*After reading everything below, do you think
I sound like someone who wouldn’t annoy you
& would you promise to not just use
me for technology assistance?

What I do:
Web code & graphic design.
Fix things of a wide variety.

Pets: 🐾
I have two guineapigs and some fish.
Guineapigs: ButterCup and Jalmon, both girls.

I find it easy to:
Get along with animals and understand them.
Talk way too much and get lost in conversation.
Forgetting to eat when doing some kind of project.

I find it difficult to:
Photograph squirrels, not hate migraines, restrain myself from helping someone when I’m able to and explain my allergies to other people.

Commonly, but Not Super Often:
Tech support, but only if asked directly.
I do rodent pet photography, only with model pets.
Teach people about computers & how to code.

What I Like:
Guineapigs, Anime, plants, random facts, etc.
🌮Tacos, chili, jalapenos, stir fry, rice, 🥑🥗 etc.
Learning, Netflix, Doctor Who, Avengers.

What I Like Doing:
Useful Crafts, designing, writing poetry,
caring for my pets, memorizing facts, working with clay, tech stuff, photography, altering graphics, etc.
Randomly explore different stores. 🙃
Writing short stories. Chilling out alone.
…I’ve realized this is becoming too long~

*If you can’t accept people with physical disabilities then don’t bother being my friend because I’d rather be friends with someone who has disabilities then someone who will just make fun of me and be rude.
[I]I have friends with mental disabilities so if you can’t respect them at the very least by leaving them alone then this will never work out. 😕

*Seriously Read This, please? ♿
I am often in a wheelchair though, I can walk yet not always safely due to migraines and blood pressure dropping. I do in fact have leg problems though, they are not noticeable if I don’t take off my socks. 🦶

Failled leg surgery which I had in California and then leg surgery in Texas which actually did succeed.

    I have absence seizures💊 which are not serious. Fibromyalgia which I don’t care about. ❤️ Congestive heart failure which is actually very serious. I have a lot of scars all over my body, as long as I’m wearing long sleeves and pants you will never notice them. I do have a medical device implant, a heart 💓⚡defibrillator / pacemaker along with a scar from that on my chest, that may be noticeable with a v-neck t-shirt. So please don’t act surprised?

I do not care for ssympathy. I’d like to be normal,
but then I wouldn’t be me.
The caring & understanding person that I am.
🙃 My medical problems have only made it so that I can better understand other people with medical problems themselves. such as understanding slurred speech and talking with someone who has mental disabilities because while I have a very intense migraine, I get slurred speech while being mentally impaired myself and get temporary blindness due to my migraines or blood sugar dropping.

If you asked me to hack someone, I will block you.

AGE? I’m younger than 30 yet I’m older than 25.

If all that information hasn’t scared you off,
then I highly suggest we become friends
even if only online. My migrainges do matter;
It’s important to understand what kind
of effects that migraines actually have on
the human body and how it can ruin friendships.

I apologize in advance,
…for being late to any events or having to cancel
meetings, Meetup, going out anywhere, etc.
😕Simply put, I’m not very reliable.😅
I will always respond eventually~

What can I do?
Cook: chili, stir fry, bake safe treats for guineapigs, etc.
Tech: too much to explain shortly.
Crafts: again, I’d like to keep this short. 🧶🧵🖍️🖌️🛠️
Outings: Lunch, mild exploring, events, meetups, etc.
Shopping: I usually try to get the best price possible.
If I continued this would be annoyingly long.

I can talk and you talk to the point of someone running away: it’s almost a perfect defense, except it doesn’t work on non-humans or physical attacks lol

I’m still a campfire girl at heart… 🌱
….It’s like Girl Scouts.
I used to do a lot of volunteer work and I’ve worked with service dogs and I helped train emotional support pets. I can help train emotional support pets still, it depends on the individual person and the animal itself.

Group Events:
Going to the mall or exploring different urban areas.
Bringing our animals together for educational reasons.
Going to Anime Expo & others which require a pass.
Meeting up to share code and technology information.
Almost anything to do with education of multiple types.

Other group events that I would like to do more, but I’m limited due to my physical medical conditions.
Serious Code Projects for major events.
Camping and hiking through trees in a group.
Clearing the brush to prevent fires.
Assistance in composting for better soil.

Stuff I’ve done in the past.
Lots of volunteer work.
Camping, hiking and clearing out dry brush.
Snowboarding, snorkeling, tree climbing.
Identifying animal prints and casting them.
Breeding animals which I no longer do at all.
Taking care of ponds and gardening.
Growing seedlings and repotting.

I will never do drugs.  I will not hack someone.  I refus to break the law.   I refus to do harm.

I only take what my doctor says I must take to stay alive for my congestive heart failure, obviously.

I can’t stand cigarette smoke because I’m allergic to its ingredients, obviously that includes vapes. ⁉️Please do not smoke near or around me, seriously.

PLEASE inform me if I do something wrong because otherwise I can never learn.

My Firm Belief: If you are not taught on how to do something and no one has ever told you that something is required to be done, without the tools to figure it out yourself; such tests are pointless, without information in order to learn.

🤔That includes my phonetic spelling🙃

My website is “MCtheGirL dot com” and you can contact me there or on Facebook and my username is the same here as pretty much everywhere, being the same as my domain and real name.

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