Migraine Life: What do you see?

When you have a migraine, what do you usually see?

Temporary blindness?
Do you often get temporary blindness and if so can you see shadows or is it just all black or is it just a white where do you have no comprehension of what you see at all?

Does it look like static?
Like on those old TV sets when you’re in between two different channels and the signal goes out…. like on a tube TV before plasma flat-screen has existed. Similar to that effect that they use in some YouTube videos or old movies that have horror and mystery where they show *static on the security cameras.

Do you see lightning flashes?
Kind of looks like a lightning flash but they usually lightning only strikes outside during a stormy night or day but for some reason you’re seeing it around the inside of your house. *It could just looks like a bunch of camera flashes

Do you see zig zags and spots?
Random great zig zag lines that some types that branch out or just look like bars / lines on the TV. Dark floaty purple spots or bright spots or dark spots was a semi bright glowy edge around them.

Everything Above.
Different things at different times and some things are mixed together.

Flowing water.
As if you’re looking at objects in a river with everything being squiggly or as if a rock is dropped in a pond and you can see the ripples in the water oh, but you’re actually seeing this all over everywhere you look.

I’ll comment my option.
Selecting anyting from “A” through “F” and tell it in the comments oh, there is no limit to how many you couldn’t choose if you choose option “G” you can type in your own answer. Please also type in one or more of the letters that best describe what you see, when you post your comment of your own answer.

No, fog and blurry vision is not an option because it’s too obvious have an answer.

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