Migraines Make Things Difficult

Migraines make things difficult~ 

Most people who don’t have migraines, usually don’t understand and even many people with mild migraines or tension headaches don’t understand what a severe chronic migraine can do to your life.  Destroying friendships, ruining your chance at a job, simply physically showing up at school, looking at the board in a classroom even when sitting in the front row, forcing people to leave military jobs due to a medical condition, losing a job you’ve had for 20 years…

All that simply due to an acute chronic onset migraine, that simply arrived out of nowhere.

Not all migraines are like, some can last 30 minutes to an hourh, totan entire day and others can last weeks or even an entire month. There are those that last a year.

Doing the whole check in thing four different groups on Amino is a very tedious task when am Migraine approaches… it’s hard enough to just turn off my alarm clock on my cell phone when I have a migraine. Sometimes I literally just let it keep going off because looking at the bright light it’s so much worse than feeling the buzzing and hearing the beep beep beep beep of my phone alarm. I don’t know if other people feel this way about their migraines pretty much taking over their life like that making something so simple become so hard.

Daily things in life that seems so simple but are extremelyd difficult while with a migrainge

•lifting own head off pillow in the morning
•opening the curtain blinds
•eating food due to nausea
•walking in a straight line
•walking without falling down
•homework and school work of any kind
•simply watching TV
•reading a book on an electronic device
•answering a phone call
•surviving Super bowl Sunday with all that yelling
•driving during night with lights from other cars
•looking at a rainbow peacefully
•cutting up carrots and avoiding your fingers
•making anything in the microwave
•pouring the water into the coffee pot without spilling it
•making it to work or school on time
•bending over to pick up a pencil on the ground
•going to the movies
•arriving on time to meet with friends
•scooping the cat litter box
•handling younger kids that run around screaming
•smiling for a picture knowing the camera will flash
•going into Walmart near holidays with flashing lights
•being in a good mood / being a good sport
•apologizing just to get out of a conversation
•standing up for yourself when you know you’re right
•dealing with the stress that the pain causes
•making it to a super awesome event
•living life date today
•scheduling plans months ahead & still arrive
•sleeping without an eye mask
•going to parties or turning down invites
•responding to a text message
•reading a text message
•trying to find a light switch to turn it off
•walking through a hallway without tripping on objects
•focusing your vision on an object of any kind
•paying attention to what’s on the radio with pain
•looking for the Lost TV remote
•looking for your kids/nieces cell phone
•plugging your phone into the charger
•remembering to put start on the microwave
•forgetting to eat simply due to pain and stress
•putting on makeup
•remembering to brush your teeth
•enjoying life to the fullest
•keeping happy thoughts in mind
•literally making a post online just like this

…. I’m absolutely sure there is a lot more that could be on this list but I think the point is pretty clear.


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