Finding your lost Guinea pig

Try wiggling a bag of lettuce or hay; ButterCup tends to give away her hide out by squeaking in response.  Sitting still for a few minutes, then making a familiar sound – such as: a squeaky toy or your voice sounding like a guinea pig, ruffling a paper bag, tapping your nails together or on the floor, talking as if you’re on the phone, giggling your keys as if you just got home, etc. – for a short time of a few seconds to any where from five minutes, then be quiet again and listen for your guinea pig. One of my Guinea pigs come running and screaming to the sound of keys but then quickly runs away. Even if you don’t ketch them the first few times, or for a few days, comforting to know that your guinea pig is still alive and okay.  If you only have one Guinea pig, try leaving the cage open on floor. HonniDhal tends to just go back in because she feels safe there or just wants to go home. Leaving out a very shallow bowl half full of water, like a tea cup saucer, can help you find them or notice if they’ve been drinking it. I like the ideas in your article.

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