Life: failure of chores

It wasn’t exactly what I had planned. Then again, I’m not really sure what the plan was; now, I wonder if there ever was a plan to begin with.  

Sure, there was the usual chore list…
    *Step one: wipe down the kitchen counters, sanitize and put away random objects.

     +Pets: feed the fish in bedroom & fish in the kitchen. Feed the guinea pigs. Clean their water bowl. Brush their hair and wash their little faces.
    ±Cooking Devices: wash the coffee pot. Clean the inside and outside of the microwave. Wash stove top. Avoid inside of oven. Clean oven nobs and outside of the oven door.
    +Super Sanitize the handles of refrigerator, ice maker buttons, microwave buttons dishwasher buttons, sink handle, door nobs, light switches, door frames, TV remote.

    *Step two: wash the kitchen sink. wipe down front of refrigerator and sanitize around the ice machine.
   *Step three: Dust TV screens. Dust Electrical machines such as DVR, Cable box, Radio, speakers, etc.
    *Step four: find random pens & put back into the pen jar, same with pencils, crayons, paperclips, bottle caps, hair ties, etc.
    *Step five: Vacuum the carpet, sweep & mop the floors. Pick up random Lego’s on the floor and/or in the sofa. Vacuum the sofas.

….that’s just the short list.

What did I get done? Absolutely nothing…. Nothing on the list except the pets list. I did get clothes into the washer, so far- not yet into the dryer.

I’m not upset, just tired. Physically, it hurts to not simply roll over in bed but worse- the weight of the fabric on my skin is heavy. My head feels like I’ve got multiple big bike helmets on and there’s a rock band banging on the inside. It’s a stupid situation. Could I do more? Yes. Can I do more, safely? No, not safely.  My hand grows numb tapping this down onto my phone. Hope I manage to post this, maybe.. IDK. Have a nice day.

Got to go and get stuff done now.
Chores won’t complete themselves. 

Besides-its only 2 pm. 

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