If Being Sick Were A Job…

When a real job pays less than minimum wage but having a cold got you a raise so you wouldn’t quit.

When having half a consious life and half a seziure life got you enough money for your own house and a private driver.

When having the migraine life still isn’t worth it means you’d have money to buy and upkeep two mansions.

Kids with cancer would have the medications they need and maybe more would make it past the age fifty five.

America couldn’t be in debt, the IRS would owe everyone.

Would that make a reverse world like reverse mortgage or would it just end the same?

After you get money, you get healthy, but then you can’t make money while healthy…

Would people be sick or is that the world, now?

Healthy has money but then sick and no money but then gets money and then gets healthy and then back on the street… I’m confused.

Unless you’re going to die in your home, I don’t know anyone who has successfully re-paid a reverse mortgage.

Eh- And Yet We Continue On~

Like. It? Can!

If I get reborn, I want it to be in the future where Star Trek is life and not currently at war with the Borg. Then maybe I wouldn’t have health problems.

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