Nieve Child Like as Adult

As everyone is jugged in life, they tend to either embrace it or deny. Either it be truthful, lies, etc. It’s your choice to take such information as compliments or be insulted.

Taking an insult as a joke is how my life was for the longest of time. As a child, I wasn’t able to even think about it as someone being mean or making fun of me. So simple things were then. I was happy. Not because things were simple, easy or boundless energy as a child.

I was incapable of taking anyone seriously. Other than sadness, short anger of regret or being punished for not completing chores; I wasn’t honestly able to be mean to someone else so, I couldn’t understand why anyone else would be happy about being mean to others.

Even though I’m twenty seven years old now and I was only seven back then, I still don’t understand why anyone bothers to be rude to do real harm.

What if, everyone was like that?~

Now I constantly find myself trying to figure out if someone is joking or being serious. Perhaps this flaw is not one of my bests.

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