Insta MIGRAINE Comprehension

Oh, My HAIR be like flat.
At times like this, I think about just chopping it all of; for the relief of the weight from my hair, reducing pain from a migraine… But such a relief is only successful three times a year at the most.


If you see someone who has short hair because of their migraines, please don’t judge them for it because the stress they receive from just your glares can make it worse and/or are not welcome.

It’s not often you see someone with a current migraine wearing a ponytail. *Perhaps, you could try complimenting them instead?

Did you know? …if someone wears a hair tie really high up often and then suddenly they wear their scrunchie really low, it could indicate that they are having a bad migraine day.

Also, if the pupils are large that means they should stay away from bright lights and you should respect such things.

*You should never shine a bright light in the eyes of people who don’t even have migraines because shining a bright light into someone’s eye while they’re dilated, could very possibly destroy their vision.

Today was not a good day for me.
I’m not looking for sympathy, I am mearly letting others know out there who deal with the same thing that they are not alone in the suffering and that life can be good. So here I am to share my story…

I was unable to sleep yet at the same time I was unable to wake up. My mind, everything was confusing and my vision was full of fog.

There was a faint ringing sound in both of my ears. I could barely move my fingertips along the edge of my pillow, with such a course feeling, almost like sandpaper. Hours went by, barely able to see the clock I was able to notice the time. Just rolling my head on the pillow to look at the clock must have taken me a few hours and that ringing became louder.

Finally, I lifted my head up off the pillow with such stiffness in my neck as if there were invisible hands choking me and another pair grabbing my face while pulling me back into the pillow.

Later, I woke up mearly to notice that another few hours had passed by. I could only think, that I must have passed out or falling back to sleep, which was my only comprehension of what happened. The ringing in my ears, now as loud as sirens. My head was pulsing, as if my skull itself, was the subwoofer inside of a speaker.

Somehow I managed to sit up and take one of my headache pills, two Motrin and one motion sickness pill for nausea along with the water I left on my bedside table from the night before.

I ended up laying back down without remembering that I put my head back down on the pillow, only with a feeling of ants biting me all over my entire body. I couldn’t see any ants on my body so it was obviously my fibromyalgia.

There was nothing to do, not that I could do anything whatsoever other than just lay there. Already I had taken my headache medicine and Motrin. I knew I just had to wait it out until the nausea medicine kicked in, so that I could sit up without puking. Eventually I made it to the kitchen and grabbed one of my pre-made meals and emergency coffee from the refrigerator. I pretty much downed most of the coffee before I even ate any food. It didn’t bother my stomach much, it is my head that was concerning me.

So here I am at this very moment posting this blog from my own kitchen; Still, with a migraine yet not as bad and even though I’m feeling tired, I still have so much to do while I’m feeling much better since I’m still able to sit up straight.

To: Anyone with a Chronic Illness

Please understand that you are not alone?

Even though it may feel like it at times, eventually you’ll find people who suffer with the same problems in their daily lives. You’ll be able to make friends with them and know that they will understand the frustrations. Friends that won’t hound you, if you can’t make it to a meet up at the mall and have to do a rain check; they’ll forgive you because they themselves can relate.

Here’s my ‘shorter’ post on Instagram:

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