Memorial Day

Because of those who served…
I can go to the doctors and be okay.

I’m still on Instagram @mcthegirl

I can sit here faking smile while I’ve got a migraine, wear my sunglasses indoors, alter images, take photos in public…

•Write this blog exactly the way I want to.
•Post the image I am sharing right now.
•Best of all, I have the right to live.

To live my life, even if it’s just to annoy those who think I should be dead and prove doctors wrong.

I have my rights as an American citizen.

Thank You!

Have A Good & Safe Memorial Weekend!

Also: we reserve the right to cosplay!

Family Who Served:

Navy: Matt Davis, my brother | Air Force: Larry Carlisle, my dad. | Army: William, my uncle. … There are more relatives and friends along with friends of friends. The list goes on and so does my “thank you” to all of them.

My post on Instagram:

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