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…….basically I was writing a comment and realized it was turning into a blog so now I’m posting it as a blog with more added detail……..

*Notice: This post is to help people, not to complain about my own personal problems. Hopefully one of my problems you find relatable if you have any kind of chronic illness. If you can’t find any of my experiences relatable, then congratulations you probably had a better childhood experience.

I completely understand the stress of family not understanding what a migraine actually is and that yelling only makes it worse for you. My dad would you let me, My mom stopped believing me, My sister’s teased me…

-Eventually they understood to a point-

Basically I had a dramatic depression in high school when it got worse to the point where I was so depressed I just wanted to you know- anyways I have an emotional support pet, her name is ButterCup.

All the way back in elementary school I can remember walking down the halls with my eyes closed and my teacher would always yell at me to keep my eyes open so I could see where I was going; Even with my eyes open, I couldn’t really see. When I was walking down the hallway with my eyes open is when I would more likely bump into things. I didn’t have my vision officially diagnosed with a depth perception disorder until I was about 22 years old. So yeah I went through all of elementary middle and high school then after 22 do they explained my vision problems.

Back in high school, most people thought I was faking it. In elementary school no one cared about it or corrected me so I never really knew that my vision was different compared to other people’s vision. In middle schools when I started figuring out that something was possibly wrong with my eyes. So I eventually got glasses, but that didn’t fix my depth perception because it wasn’t diagnosed yet. In high school my ducks perception got worse and every time I look down at the floor it would have these swirls or some kind of mental illusion that I managed to ignore except it would make me feel dizzy or see sick and that nausea prevented me from eating food.

By the time I was 22 years old, after I had already been diagnosed with migraines and fibromyalgia with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, I actually ended up not eating anything for at least 5 days straight because I kept puking at anything up that I ate. Finally I was diagnosed with vertigo, which is usually I side effect of a migraine but it doesn’t happen to everyone nearly as bad.

In the 9th grade, pretty much everything was a blur with my memory because I would literally just pass out for no apparent reason. I would get severe chest pain but no one would ever believe me because they thought I was having “panic attack” or simply faking it for attention.

Eventually when I turn to 17 years old, the doctors actually started taking me more seriously.

That’s why, I was finally diagnosed at the age 17 with extream fibromyalgia, “I’ve never seen a case so severe,” is what one of the specialist said, “she’s too young to have such problems which is why we did not test for it originally,” is approximately what I remember one of the doctors saying…
•Rheumatoid arthritis
•chronic migraines
•chronic headaches

I can’t handle a dog because that means I’d have to go outside and walk it. I can’t handle a cat because it always wants to sleep on my face and my allergies get worse. It was the family’s dog and the family’s cat sort of thing, but I got my own pets that were fairly easy for me to care for and make me look forward to the next day even though I still stress about the next day terribly and thinking what if what if what is for everything that could possibly go wrong…

Then my guinea pig purrs or even stays completely quiet and just lays with me on my bed or sits in my lap while I relax..

I have someone who needs me in order to survive, ButterCup is why I stay alive…

Also just to tick off the doctors who told me I was going today blah blah blah.

My parents finally understood that migraines were real and not something to be taken lightly as a simple headache. I can’t just take two Advil and be fine.

Opioids always make things worse; plus I’m allergic. Don’t bother taking opioids if you have a migraine because most likely it will only numb your body and then the pain will be worse after a few hours of it wearing off.

I don’t trust most headache or migraine medicine mostly because the majority of them contain aspirin which I cannot have without having a seizure which causes a headache which triggers a migraine.

I wasn’t actually diagnosed with seizures until I was about 22 years old, maybe 23 but I’m not sure.

Yes I’m now like one of those old farts or the common age of a high School/Middle School teacher lol I’m not 30 Yet!

I really do remember how it was as a teenager, how it was as a preteen but I mostly remember how it was to be a kid unable to run around and have fun.

Approximately 3 years ago, my chest pain got bad enough that I was diagnosed with pneumonia and after several treatments, they ended up hospitalizing me to have IV antibiotics, Then they sent me home with the antibiotic pills, which didn’t fix the problem. So I ended up back hospitalized for pneumonia and then apparently I died and woke up in the ICU because my heart stopped….
…..and that’s how I got diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

All of those other times my chest was hurting It was actually due to a deformation of some kind. You know that whole you’re born with in your heart that usually closes up before you turn 1-year-olds? Everyone’s born with it pretty much. For some people that hold doesn’t close up and they have to have surgery performed when they’re not even 10 years old yet. Once in awhile some people slip by in the system and that hole in the heart doesn’t close up for a long time but has a promising record of slowly closing on its own but never fully closes. Apparently that’s what was wrong with me throughout my life until it finally supposedly closed up on its own in the third grade. I don’t know how old I was maybe eight or nine at the time… I honestly don’t care to remember.

I do recall for the longest time -all the way back in elementary school- people “the teachers” would tell me not to run, even though everyone else was doing the mild run at school and I was in the run but the teachers would always yell at me to walk but then when other people started walking the teachers would yell at those students to run faster. Everyone called me the teacher’s pet. I honestly liked being the teacher’s pet because I was able to see the board by having a desk next to her own so I could actually learn something. However, it made me feel really awkward every time we had PE class / physical education class… I was always told to take a break so often to the point where I felt very awkward around the other students and this continued all the way through high school. Apparently my teachers knew something that I did not.

It didn’t really make sense until I turned 18 and was informed that my doctor. Apparently my parents didn’t really tell me because I didn’t want me to stress out about it or scare me. So that’s why I didn’t have a clue until I was 18 years old. That’s why the teachers treated me in such a way.

Yes I do have all of these problems officially diagnosed by multiple doctors and specialist.

I fully understand that migraines are not just a headache. I’m actually really happy when I only have a headache, a headache is nowhere near as bad as a migraine.


So if anyone wants to talk to me about migraines I will completely understand your situation to the best of my ability. I’m not always online due to my own migraines and I apologize for that but I would hope that you would understand the same situation.

Thank you for reading if anyone actually read this far to the very end lol I know it’s a long post.

Here is my post on the amino group…

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