Killer Migraine

To die because of a migraine…?

The Worst migrane for me starts in my neck where I was injured. I usually don’t wake up for 12hours to 3 days then super thirsty. The pulsing in my neck with a wave of compression and burning folds over from my neck to the back of my head to my eyes, then over my face and wraps its self like a strangling blanket around my jaw under my neck and around my ears.

Almost as if the pain itself suffocates me and I just literally blackout. I usually wake up in the hospital if it’s been more than 2 days of me not being responsive to anything.

For me, the worst is when it starts at the base of my skull because then my entire head hurts feeling like a grand piano in weight and my body like an overcooked noodle that just collapses on the floor.

The main reason why it’s the worst is because I miss my heart medication and my blood sugar drops so low that I have almost died while on the hospital.

All because of a migraine,

with the Domino Effect.

I have never heard of anyone dying from a migraine simply from the pain alone without the individual or another trying to help making a horrible mistake. Though you can in fact die from a migraine by just laying there in your bed for 3 days straight due to dehydration and not going to the bathroom, it’s a serious risk on your kidneys your liver and digestive tract and it’s even worse if you have other medical conditions such as asthma or congestive heart failure and fibromyalgia can make it worse.

If you have something like seizures or a blood clot in your heart, You definitely don’t want to miss taking your medication on time. Three days without your medicine- It’s really a bad thing, You could actually die.

All because of a migraine.

I highly suggest to everyone with a migraines to not live alone or to definitely make sure that you have a friendly neighbor to come check on you once in awhile.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying people have or do not have other problems. I’m not trying to freak people out. I am only explaining what has happened to me many times before and it will most likely happen again. So that was basically my “disclaimer” or whatever.

Yes, my neck injury shows up on a CT scan.

No, you can not see it because my doctor won’t print it out for me other than the results in a paragraph of an examination and diagnosis.

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