Life Happens~…???

In my life respect is my number one rule towards everyone and how I would like others to treat me; sadly, this isn’t always the case. Real life happens.

Most of the time I just do graphic design and a bunch of computer code along with the occasional fixing hardware within a computer. When I tend not to have a migraine, I usually get wrapped up in my work a little too much.

Other times I tried to be useful, but usually I just take orders and listen to complaints.

Life can get annoying but you got to hang in there.

I gues, the worst thing I’ve ever said in public was really just the honest truth but I didn’t think it would get me into so much trouble.

I really didn’t know the answer.

I tend to stress myself out so much without even realizing it, more than others even expect me to stress out. Eventually I tend to go a little overboard and I’m told to go do whatever I want-

Doing whatever I want it’s not always a good thing when I’m in a manic phase because the pain of my fibromyalgia hasn’t caught up to the stress on my arthritis and scoliosis, which usually creates a migraine the next day that can last for days or weeks.

Eventually when I come out of the heavy pain, even if I didn’t take any kind of medication for the pain… I only tend to realize what the heck I’ve done after I come back down to earth from my manic phase and the fog of my migraine lifting.

It’s usually nothing serious and normally nothing dangerous, but can you imagine waking up realizing you somehow managed to change your entire style overnight? Then there’s a problem of somewhat remembering having done this to yourself. It’s almost like I was under the influence yet it was literally just me not having a migraine and when I don’t have a migraine I tend to color / dye my hair. So that’s what happened.

Credits for graphic creation: Bitmoji

Alteration of graphics done using: fotor

This is a personal blog post about part of my life.

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