Just fibromyalgia or something more?


Just fibromyalgia or something more?

For your chronic illness, 

Is it just fibromyalgia or something more?

     I am in no way whatsoever suggesting that having only fibromyalgia is not serious, it is absolute hell and I completely understand because I myself have fibromyalgia.

This Poll is just to see and connect others who have other medical problems that tend to go along with fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Other than rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, in combination with fibromyalgia do you ever get migraines or chronic headaches?

#1 just fibromyalgia.

#2 fibromyalgia with arthritis.

#3 fibromyalgia with chronic headaches.

#4 fibromyalgia with migraines.

#5 Yes & more.
Fibromyalgia with other things not listed.
Post your answer in a comment.

Note: Please only select what you have been officially diagnosed with by a doctor? Thank you!

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