How Often do You get Migraines?

How often do you get migraines?

Do you get them three times a day? 

Do you always have at least one daily?
Is it usually just about twice a week?
Perhaps it is once a week?

If it is 3 times a month or less, you’re pretty lucky.
If it’s once a month, that’s even better.
if it’s once a month for about 7 to 10 days around your monthly then it’s probably hormonal and you can get multiple different treatments for that type of migraine.

Do you maybe get a migraine once every other month?
Is it about maybe three times a year that you get a migraine?   is it maybe once a year you have a major migraine that lasts for an entire month?
Do you by any chance get migraines once every 3 months that last the entire 4th month, then continues to repeat what you don’t have migraines for a whole three months and then on the fourth month you have a migraine that last the entire month possibly along with your period…

Then I highly suggest you talk to your doctor about getting on the pill.

I myself cannot take the pill because of the estrogen levels which make my migraines extremely worse.

If that is also the case for you, I suggest you ask your doctor about the depo Vera shot which will help prevent those month-long migraines that come along with your monthly.  If you cannot have either type, then talk to your doctor about a different form.

    I cannot have the thing inserted in my arm because they tried to do that and I broken out in hives the moment that they made an anybody cut in my skin and tried to insert it but the moment that it touched my skin I broke out in hives and they said right then and there that they’re not going to do it.

   I cannot have the thing inserted in my uterus because of complications and family medical history, it’s just not good fit for me.

   I’m not talking about birth control for the use of birth control but to control your monthly “gift” to prevent your migraines from going haywire around that time.

   Even with the depo Vera shot I still get migraines, don’t get me wrong.  It does usually prevent that one long migraine that lasts an entire month, every three to four months. But it does not stop or prevent my daily migraines.

    I get at least three different migraines every single day, two of which I can prevent with the cambia medicine powder, but one of them happens regardless. I have not gone a full 24 hours without a migraine headache that hasn’t come on at least on the last 23rd hour LOL couldn’t make it to 24 hours and the more I try the harder it gets lol because of a stress~

I get two migraines a day, that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, that I can sometimes kill with espresso and migraine medicine called fioricet, but without those and combination along with some food and a big thing of Gatorade, that 30 minute to three hour migraine could literally last an entire three days.

The one I can’t avoid.

The one out of three of migraines that I usually get daily, the one that I can never seem to prevent it’s always in the back of my neck like us Spike of some sort I like someone took a thick metal pole shoved it up in my neck just between a few of the discs and poked throughout my eyeball. With a second Spike, like a ice pic of some sort, jabbing just at the base of my skull through part of my jaw or through my temple. That’s the one migraine that I can’t usually avoid.
The pulsations and my neck feeling like I’ve got a heartbeat in my head, with burning and at least one of my eyes also feeling like my eyeball is going to explode or pop out of the socket. The nausea is unbearable. I find it extremely difficult to just roll over in bed because the movement of my neck turning to lay on my other side on the pillow with my head, brings upon excruciating burning and throbbing pain.  It’s like a heartbeat yet at the same time like there’s an elephant sitting on my head, kind of like the elephant on my chest with asthma LOL you need to remember that commercial yeah? Sort of like I’m at the bottom of the ocean and my head’s under so much pressure on the outside. Yet at the very same time it feels like my head’s going to explode from the inside out and near the ending of the migraine it feels like the head is going to implode and sucking in everything around it, including my soul and what little life I have.
  You’ve heard of implosion right?
It’s like the opposite of explosion instead of exploding outwards it explodes in words that sucks everything in like a black hole. If you’ve watched Star trek or the science channel that I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
Luckily, even though I can’t avoid this migraine, I can prevent it from getting worse if I stay still laying down in the dark. Which then makes me super annoyed.

I mean, after taking pain medicine and you’re just laying there and the dark being completely still. The pain is a level five or even just a level 3, but if you sit up it becomes a level 6 and if you roll over it jumps to 1/8 and if I stand up it turns into a 10 and I either passed out falling to the ground or minutes to get back on my bed.  So as long as I stay laying down with no movement whatsoever with my neck, the pain is relatively okay and a way I mean sure I’ve got the pulsing in my eye and the burning, with my neck feeling like it’s getting super hot, like I need ice packs, but ice packs tend to make that type of migraine of mine last a lot longer, I’ve learned that a heating pad on the back of my neck even though my neck already feels like it’s burning, adding heat to it feels almost unbearable for the first 30 minutes and gets a little easier after an hour and then after 3 hours, sometimes the migraine just goes away.

     If my vitamin levels are low.
There’s really no preventing migraines there’s really only treatment for me LOL treatment that usually involves eating a banana while feeling extremely nauseous and me at the same time absolutely hating the taste of banana and the texture so it’s like yeah already feeling like I’m going to puke when I don’t have a migraine just trying to eat a banana LOL but now with nausea from the migraine trying to eat a banana for the potassium LOL. Sure I could just take the potassium pill, but sometimes that’s not available and it doesn’t always work as fast as eating a banana does. cuz with the potassium pill, I still have to have food with it in order for it to be absorbed. Trying to eat even just some soup can be a terror of sorts.  So sometimes I just have to go with the banana.

You should ask your doctor about your vitamins.
Mostly, potassium, magnesium, calcium if you take any kind of birth control or seizure medicine.  Your vitamin B can be important for just feeling like being able to sit up in the morning vs can’t even roll over.

I’m not a doctor, that’s why I’m telling you to ask your doctor LOL literally my disclaimer. Best of luck.

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