YouTube Response: Left or Right

My Blog/Comment Response to YouTube Video.

Left, you’d be back in jail & extra dirty.
Right, is toxic but technically so is toilet waste.
Back up, just serve your time and get out then; unless you’re going to be executed which and that case, it depends on the individual case.

     If wrongfully imprisoned, knowing backup you’ll die…  Like being captured as a prisoner of war, obviously you need to escape; just knowing the torture you’ll endure before death, is reason enough to go right.

         Right is probably the correct choice because toxic waste takes a while –remaining in contact what the toxic waste– for the human body to develop any serious effects.

      Just rinse off after and you should be fine.
If the toxic waste was so toxic that it would burn your skin and harm you instantly with contact, it would burn through the soil as well and most likely there would only be Trace elements of it left in the section to the right because of this, you could safely go through the right.

Though, you could also choose left and just continue going left.

Eventually, not only would you pass through the fecal matter, you would also end up on the outside of the gate if you just kept going.

Still, it’s unlikely you would know either way for sure, unless the guard told you so and in that case I would go right because the guard is probably just lying, especially if you’re a prisoner of war.

In all honesty though, I’d probably just die. I mean, I’ve got heart medication and seizure medication I have to take at least twice daily and with my asthma along with allergies, I probably wouldn’t be able to dig a hole deep enough without getting dirt in my face and I probably just suffocate. you need doctors to prescribe that super complicated heart medicine especially when there’s like five different types you have to take LOL so either way being in jail I’d probably just die. Even if it was a US jail, I think they might either forget my medication or something might happen and I was just be dead. I don’t think I’ve really break the law though out to end up inside of a jail to begin with, unless world war 3 broke out and I got captured LOL I don’t think I’d be a very good hostage.

No one wants a suicidal hostage LOL I could easily just not tell them that I have asthma and heart conditions and stuff and if they gave me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch I could literally just eat that and die. Then again, they probably just wouldn’t feed me. Note: I am not suicidal.

      My doctor keeps telling me I’d die if I went a week without my medication. There’s no guarantee that’s true though, I’d rather not risk it.  With (my) mild wheat allergy, high fructose corn syrup makes me hallucinate and my peanut allergy; I could easily die. PB&J sandwich is almost instant death; hives & suffocating are painful.

    If the soil was actually loose enough for me to dig down…

I’d go right, because there’s no way the toxic stuff wouldn’t continue melting through the layers of soil.

I should be able to pass through the half digested soil much easier and with the toxic stuff basically being gone, “right” would be my answer.

It would be safe enough, at least worth the risk.


Then again, I think this is a “trick question” because the prisoner is facing us so technically his right is our left and his left is alright, so then I would choose left.

Disclaimer: This is 100% hypothetical.

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