Story: Are They All Ghosts?

Story: Are They All Ghosts?
Written By: MCtheGirL
Date Written: 02/10/2019

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Are They All Ghosts?

     I always asumed my imaginary friends were just invisible; I didn’t realize just how correct I was. Once I became an adult, I always assumed my imaginary friends from my childhood were nothing but my imagination.

It would have been nice to believe… that.

     Without my medication, I tend to see and hear things. Things that people thought but did not say out loud. I’ll answer a question of someone’s before they even ask it and that just gets agitating. So I’m on meds to block it.
There is way too much out there~

Sometimes I hear my own thoughts as if they belong to someone else, like reading your own mind yet while having an out of body experience. It really can be terrifying at times, so I’d rather be naive since there’s nothing I can do about it. That whole paradox thing; I tell someone something’s going to happen, because I told someone something is going to happen, therefore they’re expecting it and therefore it never happens. If I don’t tell someone something’s going to happen, it usually does happen. There is no proof. It all feels so pointless.

I used to have a lot of friends as a child, most of them no one else could see and refer to them as my imaginary Friends. I would go over to a friend’s house that had the mother and father with their grandfather. Often, I would talk to the grandfather for his interesting stories about being in the war. One day I went over while they were having some kind of event that I didn’t understand at the time. I saw the grandfather and we started talking. He told me to go tell my friend, his grandson, that their, “aunt wants a veggie burger and not the regular burger but she’s to ashamed to ask,” so I told my friend and he told his dad, then his dad asked me how I knew and I told him that his dad told me. My friends dad got really mad and my friend refused to talk to me for days.

I was only 8 years old. The grandfather was there at the party the entire time and he seemed to be talking to other people, but they were ignoring him. I got annoyed, because he should be getting all the attention. I figured it was rude to ignore him at his own party, so I told everyone to not be a big meanie and listen to him.

I did not understand at the time what kind of event it was and that it was not considered an actual party. Now that I’m older, looking back at that event, I realized I had been at the “event” which was the grandfather’s funeral.

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