Stress = Migraine

I believe that stress has a huge impact upon a migraine.

Sound of other people arguing, even if you’re not a part of the conversation, simply the loudness can trigger or make a migraine unbearable.

     Even if five minutes ago the migraine was being managed and you were able to continue packing boxes for a move or continue studying for a test; focus becomes unavailable and the extreme pain becomes unavoidable.

It feels so frustrating.
To finally be rid of a migraine, but then two random people in an other room start arguing loudly or simply talking so loud that it echoes throughout the mind bringing upon the ringing; then a migraine takes over.

Simple Respect
Could be a good thing for everyone.
If someone wants me to do chores like mop the floor or empty the dishwasher, I only ask for them to be quiet so that I can complete the task without dropping dishes or crashing down on the floor.

 I can do a lot of things when I don’t have a migraine.

Yes, really, I can do a lot of things if with out a migraine.



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