190 Year Old Grandma

   *Inspired my niece who wanted soda after midnight, she’s a toddler. She demanded that I believe she is 19 and dad said she still wouldn’t be aloud in a bar.

…I had a dream after that, about this story below but I an anime / cartoon reality. 


A Toddler Walks into a Bar.
bartender says, “where’s your parents?”
“In a box,” Toldder responds.
“How old are you?” bartender questions.
“Nineteen,” the Toddler sighs.
bartender interrupts,
“you still can’t be in here.”
“nineteen,” the toddler continues her
sentence, “I am nineteen decades old.”
“What do you want,” he offers jokingly.
“Coke,” she demands, “and don’t
be cheap with those rocks,” with a glare.
A 30 something year old woman walks in
shouting, “Grandma!” she gasps, “The police and scientists are looking for you!”
Toddler jumps off the bar stool, “Crips!” she runs out the door, “We’ve gotta go!”
“Good thing I’m not stuck as a toddler forever,” bartender thinks out loud.
“Yeah, You’d be out of a job,” comments random customer, “and I’d have no service.”

Joke: 190 Year Old Grandma
By, MCtheGirL 06-24-2018



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