Public Announcement #0001

Warning: This is my personal stuff gone completely public.

Apologies in advanced.

I tend to get sick often and reply late, but I always do Reply eventually.  Migraines make it hard to read. I can use blind user mode, but I’m not blind, not all the time. Not sure how to really talk online when not a business/legal email or help line chat. Not antisocial, just a pain medically. I tend to talk a lot or not much at all.  It depends on what’s going on and my blood sugar.

I freelance as tech support, mostly free for real. I can’t stand not being able to help someone suffering. If people don’t want help, that only hurts me emotionally but I get over it eventually and they only punish themselves. Like a few other friends who have completely given up on cellphones and printers.

Well, that was a long yet honest excuse.

Not sure how to get to know others with out trading real stories like work life, family, a random crazy dream, a failure that actually made things better, real life stuff. I’m really just looking for people who could or want to try to understand and just be good friends.



I just don’t want to marry or be in any sexual relationship at all. Pervs Back Off.

My body hurts from hugs or a simple hand shake, but I like digital or air hugs… I give my nieces air HUGs and they throw me air hugs back. ..if you don’t know, “air hugs” are like “blowing kisses” though it’s a hug not a kiss.  Shortest possible reason: Fibromyalgia. Just Google it; I honestly do get tired if explaining things.


I put stuff online publicly so that people can just Google me or my medical stuff and if they REALLY want to know me, they’ll look up my number rather than ask me for it. It is public information after all. Yes, I block 800 area codes and I hold the right to block anyone for any reason I believe is reason enough.


Send me one text message and wait for a response. If you don’t get a response in 24 hours, try again.

If I don’t know you and you only know me online or from the mall, message me where / when we met and a key frase like the one I would have told you to tell me if you messaged me so I’d know it’s you.

If you are a complete stranger and we’ve never been introduced, I highly suggest that your first text message be as BLUNT as possible, so get your point across examples: your company name, become possible friends, what you want to order, the URL of your website, your Instagram or Facebook page, tech question, is this gluten free, please fix my computer, your sister needs help, found your pet guineapig, book club meeting please come, I need a website and business cards, return my book I let you borrow, can I have some tape or paper clips, etc.

Only text me 3 times a month before I reply, if I don’t respond that month, then I’m either dead, in another coma, medically unable to respond but my number did NOT change.

Call only once and leave a message with your name, extension number and reason for calling. If you fail to leave a voicemail, I will not call you back.

If you call three times in one day and do not leave a message, your number will be blocked.

If you only get a fax tone; yes, I blocked you.

If you never get a text reply; I am either dead or yes, I blocked you.

On facebook I normally mute people rather than block, but I will block if nessisary.


If you’ve managed to read threw all that then, congratulations!!! Here’s my phone number that has been public for a very long time… +1 ( six one nine ) eight zero zero – one 62 one … If you can’t read that then I will assume you are a bot but I will explain this for humans…. Part of my number is a number and part of the numbers are spelled out in words… One is 1 and eight is 8. There ya go!  Yes, the world has access but most bots/robo calls are blocked and I don’t answer the first call unless I have your number and name. Fallow the rules and you won’t get blocked, reported or backtracked.


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