If Only or Not

If being sick was a job, I’d be rich.

If not responding to antibiotics was a crime, I’d be in jail for life. Not a very long life.

If “tripping” on normal room oxygen was possible for others, not a soul would know of oxycodone. Apparently I get that way after a migraine ends, no drugs required.

If everyone believed vampires were real, I probably would not be aloud in pet stores. I’d probably be dead or, undead. Less animal lover friends for sure, maybe none.

If I get reborn, I want it to be in the future where Star Trek is real life and not currently at war with the Borg.

If saying no to drugs made people popular, I’d be famous like Elvis. Not like the guy before Elvis. Who? That’s right, no one can remember. Oh, well~

What if situations~

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