Medical Air Plane Fear

I’m absolutely positively nagitive about bombs on air plains. I’ve noticed how easy it is to pass security in a wheelchair with a pat down.

Those x-rays though, when you have actual medical implanted devices and a bunch of rods, how could they know the difference between those and a bomb… I mean, what if someone had all that but some bombs mixed with in the mess of multiple real medical devices?

The scariest terror threat has got to be an old lady with bags and lots of long-lerm medical problems.

I got on a plane for Iowa ounce and forgot I had six inch blade sewing scissors, it was in the same bag with my laptop and mess of wires for multiple devices like camera, phone, mp3, etc. No one asked about it. They simply didn’t want to fully empty my bag because there was too much stuff and I was holding up the line. I left the scissors in Iowa on my way back. I did not realize nor intend to bring six inch blades.

I was merely concerned they were going to arrest me for my bag of pills. I put each pill bottle in it’s own ziplock bag and then all together in one big ziplock bag. I was so busy freaking out that they’d take my seziure meds away that I just had to look guilty of something. So why they didn’t find the sewing scissors??? I have no idea.

Seriously though, “I Predict,” the new threat will be the oldest threat. The elderly might not even know they have bombs inside them.

Perhaps, a currupt doctor…

When replacing a heart defibulator implement, they might switch it out with a similar looking device that still even works to monitor the persona heart but instead of a sock to defibulate them, it goes off as a bomb, just big enough to put a small whole in the side of an air plane. Thus, plane crash.

Oh My Flipping Hope Never!! I fear the day when this is done and I don’t even know. If I hear actual reports of this happening, I’m getting mine removed and several x-rays to prove to me nothing’s in me. #OMFHN

This is a phobia of mine.

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