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Instagram Response #0001
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I completely agree with you.

I can’t say for sure if I had Migraines way back then, only that I was officially diagnosed with chronic Migraines, Fibromyalgia with OA & RA at the age of 17 years old.

My doctors told my parents at the time who told me, that, “The neurologist could see the swelling from the MRI scan,” though, other than that and poking me a lot and flashing lights in my eyes; I’m not sure how doctors diagnosed me.

I was happy to FINALLY know what it all was because I thought I was going to die just about every morning or kill over in my bed after three days of doing nothing.

Later, I found out that my diagnosed Problems had NO-Cure and I feared the treatments. 

I’ve learned that an injection in the back of my neck “Nerve Block” wasn’t nearly as bad as I believe it would be, but then again I did have a migraine at the time, thus countering the needle pain.

The very first time I had a nerve block shot, I sat up straight in a normal office type of chair while simply stsysta still, the needle buried into the bacl of my neck. 

Eventually, I learned that I’m allergic to the numbing solution commonly known as Novocaine like something used at the dentist. Thus, I never did more than three treatments.  A different place decided I could have it with out that numbing solution and told me I could just have local sedation with allergy medicine. It worked okay. I’d honestly rather not do that again. Didn’t help much. The wasnted to use radiation in the back of my neck and I straight up said NO. I just couldn’t imagine surving something like that, with out huge side effects.

Diet helps to a point but pretty much only because of food allergies.

Obviously if I have an allergic reaction, my asthma will act up causing my Fibromyalgia to make things worse, then the Migraine can hit me hard. Doctors and others commonly call it the “domino effect” along with my leg surgeries, congestive heart failure & scoliosis “curvature of the spine” just makes things complicated. I envy those who Only have Migraine head aches, because well… The seziures just make it all worse.


Not sure if this information helps, but anyways, I hope someone feels a bit better. 

*Ibelieve that ther is always someone worse off~

At least I have legs, eyes that I can use even if only maybe 50% of my life, just being alive is perfect but it’s a cause for hope, just life alone. To be alive-

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