Seriously: PETA Please?

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PETA Please? 

No animal tests means more animals die. 

What if I have a guinea pig / cavy that has cancer but she’s so young that she’s got a minimum of 3 years to live life, possibly five years more…

The tests on guineapigs that had cancer either died or we’re cured.

Only those that had the tests done we’re helped and lived on.

If the test alone can say she can take meds or have surgery to remove the cancer, why not just do the test rather than let a little cavy suffer struggling to breathe?

One had a test and proved she only needed meds for a respiratory infection similar to pnamonia in humans.

The sisters were not so lucky because one tumor was positive and was cought late due to her showing no physical or mental signs.

Another sister had surgery, but lived a full life after the tumor on her neck and by her ear we’re removed. It wasn’t a big lump, it was a mole she had been born with but was positive. She lived longer than the average cavy. Yes, more than seven years.

The Larger breed of cavys live around 20 years, but I’m talking about the average American guineapig short hair mixed Rex / Albino.

One guinea that didn’t get tested died for no apparent reason, other than the part where she was one of the seven impossible pups from one mother named Daisy. The vet suggested they explore her dead body to figure out what was missed sense her tumor after death was negative. I couldn’t bare them cutting up her dead body because I was not even 16 years old myself and freaked out.  Looking back, now that I’m an adult, I do wonder what killed her. I boddle fed her and three others, “the mom only had enough milk for three,” is what the vet told me. My whole family took part in feeding them.  And we fed them almost twice as often as the vet said to bevbeca they didn’t finish what they should have drank… But they were smaller than the usual pups. The average guineapig only gives birth to one pup to three pups, sometimes four, but that’s sort of unusual.


Daisy was mostly short hair albino with pink ears and barely any to no gray on her ear tips. She had bright pink eyes. Her husband Tom was a short hair red/brown guinea with deep red eyes that almost looked black but shined bright red in some lighting. They had seven babies.

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