Food Problems #001

I can’t have gluten, lactose, pork/ham (good bye holiday food), turcky, lamb (food & including wool), *peanuts (which is in a lot of gluten free foods), blue dye #1 (which is in almost all candy & sports drinks), high fructose corn syrup, shellfish (iodine), grapes (includes rasins-sorry trail mix), grapefruit, etc.

Responce to @SSSniperWolf 
*I completely understand about the food problems.

I buy all my food myself and other people eat it and then offer me pizza which I obviously can’t have.

•The average pepperoni pizza has…
°Crust / bread / gluten
°Cheese /not fully pasteurized / lactose
°Pepperoni / pork
~also the dough may contain egg yolks.

At the hospital, they tried to give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so I asked them, “Are You Trying To KILL Me?!” I ended up getting transferred to a different hospital after my heart stopped…
Woke up in ICU down town… Nurse said, “You were dead, but we brought you back. You’ve been in the coma for almost three weeks. You’re lucky to be alive. Stop pulling out your tubes in your sleep or we’ll velcro you back down!” I didn’t know how to respond.

It all almost feels pointless. Though, I’m going to stay alive, even if it’s just to tick off those who would rather I die.

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