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     So, if I’m walking, *with my clothes & my combat looking boots on, I look 100% normal 
-Other than a slight limp that I don’t usually notice myself.- 
Though, my congestive heart failure, a Migraine or random seizure could knock me out with out warning. 

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Even though I’m open about it, I don’t have the time to tell everyone passing by me, my whole life story and I’m not going to strip down just so they can see my scars from surgeries and let people toutch my chest to feel my chest Implant Pace Maker (Medical device) right above my boob (they’re pervs).

@admiralblindman79 I understand that feeling.

I don’t mind telling people, but I don’t want sympathy just simply respect to let me walk threw a door and have people asking g me “where is your wheel chair today? Faker!” I hate that.

It’s called physical therapy for a reason, when with a person who knows my medical stuff, I am supposed to walk for five minutes or see how long I can stand up in motion like a place such as Walmart or the Dollar Tree store. Just cause I can walk doesn’t mean I’m aloud to get up with out a person near by. Sure, sometimes I jump out while someone waits in the car, but they come in after me with the darn chair only after I fall or call for help. Those darn flickering lights don’t help, even more so because of my seziures. I pretty much comprehend what you mean. When I’m in a wheelchair, people don’t shove me in lime, when I’m not in a wheelchair, I get knocked over and the store policy for legal reasons always end up calling the darn ER but I don’t want to go. If I can get up after five minutes of sitting, or get into the wheelchair, I’m fine to just go home. Yeah, my physical disabilities are only visible if I’m naked, you can see where the bone mishaped, scars, etc. It takes to long to put on my shoes (like a brace/black boots) so I don’t take them off for people to see. My boots look normal but they have special medical prescribed I and have been approved by my doctor.


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