YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”
Video Titled “10 Warning Signs You Have Vitamin D Deficiency” by Bright Side.


It’s bad that I have all 10 out of 10 signs, right? I already have OA&RA forever, fibromyalgia/chronic pain, chronic bruising, etc. My blood tests gave always been low for vitamin D and I’ve already been diagnosed with this problem and rediagnosed as “unable to absorb vitamin D” or as the doctor said it, “chronic vitamin deficiency,” because it has never been normal apparently sense my first doctor visit as in being born.

…I highly recommend doing some fact checking and making a video for Signs of you or your child having been born with a vitamin D deficiency.

Growing up with A LOT of bone problems as a child having many pointless surgeries –I didn’t have a choice, I was under age– things could have worked out differently for me. Doctors first diagnosed me with multiple other things as a kid before realizing a lot of it was caused by a vitamin D problem, but now I have those Problems long term for the rest of my life.

Seriously, I want others to know that at the very least, unnecessary surgeries could have been avoided and I’d have a lot less scars and other medical problems due to infection after surgery boiling down to vitamin D levels.

Thanks for making this video.

I will link it in my blog.

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