Contact Issues

Online Contact Issues

When someone online asks me for my phone number, I tend to get anoyann because my number is listed publicly on all of my public accounts and profiles. 

It’s on my website and on my Facebook page. 

People who do that, obviously didn’t look at my website or my Facebook profile “which is public” thus, they have no real reason to randomly chat with me.  I try to explain this to everyone who asks for mumnumber in a Facebook chat –of all the places– and be polite though, because it’s happened so many times before, I actually have to “try” not to be rude.  Should I not be the one insulted?  Must I allow others to think of me as an idiot?  No!  Ask me ounce; I tell them, it’s public on my profile.  Ask me twice, I add them to my spam filter list on faceFace.  After that person continues to bother me with out having a real reason –as in there reason so called “serious reason” is to ask me for nude photos– Obviously, I report them.


This can also be an issue on Instagram.

Often people who fallow me tend to unfallow as soon as I fallow them back.  Others ask me to fallow them but have no content, not a single post.  No info at all.

Usually I’m told it’s to chat, but that why I have Facebook messenger.  I’d rather not chat on Instagram.

Public Contact Issues

I try to make my personal problems obvious so people don’t randomly hug me or bump my arm as some kind of greeting.  Most say to tough it out.

Seriously though, if you had a recent injory on your arm and your friends knew about it, would you still take kindly to a surprise elbow bump?  What if they did it twice again, after you reminded them, they still continued the same day…

Would you not be offended or upset that your friend is knowingly harming you?  Even without any injury, for them to continue after you’ve asked them to stop. It’s just rude, really.

      Oftentimes people randomly –even if, as a agreeting– grab my arm, nudge me, pat my back, put their hand firmly on my shoulder, etc.  They usually say sorry after finding out I have fibromyalgia and tell me that I should have let them know before they did it.  Thats why I try to make it obvious.

I’m not trying to burden the world with my problems.

I simply want to avoid others hurting me -with out meaning to- and anyone feeling sorry to begin with. 

   Yet, there are some people who already know and purposely do such things.  It’s obvious because I remind them more than three times and ask them not to toutch me, but they continue do it more to me, even more so than to others in the room.


Phone Contact:

Notice: I often have a migraine or bad head ache.

I will always reply, eventually.  Just don’t stress, so I don’t stress.  I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know.  You must first leave me a voicemail or sms so I can add you to my contacts. I would prefer a text message (sms) rather than a voicemail.

•sms/text me first.

•leave a voicemail.

•tell me your name.

•why you’re contacting me.

Plus 1 ( six 1 nine ) eight 0 0 – one 6 2 one 

My number is above, a bot can not read it. ⤴️

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