New GP Cage Setup

From a Walmart box as their temporary setup, to their now for a new cage set up.

Yes I made it myself, without anyone’s help, using a table, hamster fence, waterproof tough enough tarp. Then I added all the extras and everything that needs to be in a guinea pig cage.

I put a shared computer at the end of their cage, figured it would be good since my guinea pigs like to listen to music and that way they can listen to music without me having to hear it in the other room lol

The cage isn’t totally complete yet, like I still have to put a little Heidi house in there and a place to actually put their hay other than just directly on the fluff, etc.

They have a heating pad that is between the table and the tarp so that they cannot actually get to the heating pad themselves, they can only lay on it. I did put a washcloth on top of the tarp over the area where the heating pad is to avoid burns.

Their favorite thing about the cage I’m guessing is that paper mess lol They would have made the mess themselves so I went ahead and tore up the paper for them so that it actually kind of looks cute and I’m sure they’ll tear up the paper even more anyways.

Jalmon legs randomly running along the sides of the cage back and forth like a lightning, like the Flash on TV. She is slowly coming out of her shell, but she is still skittish.

ButterCup was excited, but now I think that she is annoyed by Jalmon running laps in the cage lol.

Jalmon is 3 years old, ButterCup is almost 7!!!
Her birthday is coming up and so is mine on the 22nd.

For ButterCup’s birthday,
I got a new outfit coming in the mail for her.
She will be getting extra treats and lettuce.
New toys and another blanket.
A pillow that she doesn’t have to share.

Jalmon will get in on the toys and lettuce.

I put bamboo plants above them on top of that tray I put in there for temporary shelter and because I thought it looked nice.

The photo on the top and the silver frame is of Jalmon and her deceased sister Squwaffles, but in the picture she is alive and thriving. The other smaller picture is just of Squwaffles intribute to her and the life that she lived. I will add more pictures and little display things above their cage later.

I don’t plan on giving them any place to climb up on anytime soon because I’m short on money since I just moved into this new apartment and Buttercup is overready overwhelmed enough by the move as is.

They have both been squeaking and purring lately. Obviously, they like their new cage.

Here are a bunch of photos to view~

I also posted this in the on Amino over at this link.

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