Been in a lot of pain having to rest, kind of over did myself physically, while putting in together furniture and stuff. Now in my new apartment.

I was doing my own physical therapy a few days ago, which involved walking around and carrying an object back and forth while maintaining balance. I don’t have the money for home health care right now and so I’m doing these things because my physical therapist said I could do these things on my own as long as I felt safe and capable of doing them at that time.

The neighbors apparently saw me through the window and I’ve heard them talking to each other and spreading rumors about me not being disabled which is annoying because well it’s just annoying because they don’t know the truth and it’s difficult to explain it to more than one person at once unless it’s like a publicly online post and if they actually went my website they wouldn’t know the whole truth lol šŸ™ƒ

What the neighbors don’t know and did not see, is that I felt twice that day.

One of the times I fell on my butt and my hip, I got a bruise to prove it. That other time, I fell down forwards, on my hands and knees, mostly on my chest My arms, but no real damage that I’m aware of.

It has been annoying. šŸ™„

Even more so because I can literally hear them talking about me in the apartment above me and all the apartments around me.  Especially when they’re out grass area because I can see through the living room window (which is huge, going all the way to the ceiling and to the floor) and they can see me.

They could have obviously been talking about someone else, but as far as I know I’m the only one here who’s recently asked for a ramp and recently been doing exercise with my window blinds open. Then again, It’s not like I’ve gone out much recently since I’ve moved into my new apartment, just make any pigs and myself.

I also put this blog in a personal post on Facebook.

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