Story: Handles Helper

Story Title: Handles Helper
Written by, Melissa M Carlisle aka: MCtheGirL
Date: Monday, 10/15/2018

Totally Science Fiction *it’s just a story.

M.C’s Stories

Warning!!! Notice: This is a short horror Story

+with real life terms and Gore with ghoul revenge. 

Story Title: Handles Helper

Written by, MCtheGirL
Date: 10/15/2018


My sister finally got a job at the store she always wanted to work in as a kid. She did her very best, but the assistant manager kept putting her down. She never really saw the boss or the main manager. I told my sister that because her boss was female, she might be able to help solve the problem of the assistant manager. He was so mean to her, my my sister was afraid to file a sexual harassment report because she knew it would be read by him first. When she did see the manager, turned out the boss was pregnant and would be going on medical leave in six months to give birth. My sister had no other option but to put up with the harassment. I told her to just quit, but she loved the job too much to leave.

After five months of working there, surviving the torment of her boss, it was time for vacation brake, or so she hoped. Unfortunately, the usual November and December brake was dismissed.

One night that boss of hers made her work late, while half the building was under construction. There was an accident but the fire suppression wasn’t working. There was a fire. The doors were either melted shut or auto locked, by the part of the so called “upgraded system” that was still working, to prevent the fire from spreading.

Her assistant manager of a boss, managed to escape before the doors automatically locked. Obviously, if he had listed to my sister about storing the barbeque gas tanks near the hot oil, french fryer boiler, the fire would never had happened. The fire was his fault.

My sister and a few co-workers were trapped in the locked part of the burning building.

The co-workers climbs the shelves and got out threw the windows in the ceiling but, my sister couldn’t make it out the window because she couldn’t get up the shelves.

Her co-workers assumed she suffocated from the smoke, before being burned in the fire. By the time the fire fighters could put it out, she was dead. They did not find a body though something much worse.
Still hanging on to one of the shelves was, her crisp, boney hand sticking together with what little burnt flesh remained.

The blissfully unaware boss with a new baby while on leave, moved that pervert of an assistant manager to the main manager position. That guy was now the true boss.

Later, proved by some DNA testing, it proved to be her hand. The new boss blamed the fire on my sister, saying it was just an accident, but her fault for not reporting to him about the gas canisters being so close to the boiling oil. After the case was closed and the building reconstruction was finished, the store had reopened.

Reports continued coming to the new manager about how the disabled girl working there was so helpful to the customers. He was confused because he had fired anyone and everyone who was disabled or slow in any way. He denied to the customers of her so-called existence.

He can’t harass her anymore. Eventually, he got fired by the company that owns the store.

A one handed girl, will wave to customers with a stumped arm. They would notice the brace on her knee and she would offer them help, finding anything in the store. My sister was so dedicated to her job, she still works there, even after death.


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  1. I know that you said that your story was fiction, but as someone who worked retail and even made it to assistant manager it seems very realistic. Great writing <3

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