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I completely agree and I should know because I have chronic Fibromyalgia, Migraines, chronic headaches, RA, OA, congestive heart failure, seziures, failed leg surgeries, survived coma, asthma, acid reflux and then there are the alley lists as in 1 for medications, 2 for foods, 3 for soaps & fabrics, 4 animals, etc. It all sucks, but I’m alive.

I’ve seen people worse off than myself – I feel bad for them but then I remember that – I hate when people constantly tell me how sorry they feel for me.  I’m like, if you feel sorry then stop elbowing me, making me fall to the ground in the first place.  Then they don’t have to be sorry. 

There’s always someone worse off- but if you didn’t do anything that hurt them, then don’t be sorry. *Just be respectful and hopefully considerate.

Migrane?  Stop asking every five minutes if there’s anything someone can do for me and just let me lay down in silence.  That’s the only way anyone can helpe, silence and darknes while I lay down in pain.

That usually makes friends abandon me but I’m okay with that because that’s literally just what I asked them to do. Let me be alone in silence and darknes; in my family, that’s asking a lot.

On a personal family note, that I think most people with “migranes” and “living with family” could agree on…

Usually me being in pain, just makes my family mad.  I know I’m a pain to them, but if no one comes into my room, fully turning on lights and screaming at me to move a box, I would have moved it sooner because then things only get worse for everyone. Seriously, the box is empty, the todltod can move it. How do you think it got there in the first place? The todltod was pretending that the box was a drum.  It actually worked as a distraction while you were at work, but then a migraine came on.  I laid down and the kid pretend to be be asleep and then fell asleep. The kid only woke up after 9pm because you got home after 10pm. What do people expect when they turn on lights and yell upon their arrival at night? Obviously, the kids and everyone else in the building will be awake then.


Atleast I have my legs, even if they’re not reliable. 

A lot of people have no legs.

I’m not asking you to feel bad for me.

I’m only letting you know that there are other people and myself, who completely understand the frustrations of fibromyalgia and interaction with the world.

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