Reality of a Migraine Life

Image Poetry…

Go to sleep with a migraine.
Wake up on and off because of pain.
Finally, fall back asleep while in pain.
Wakeup with a migraine.
Muddle through the day with a migraine.
Fallover like a drunk, caused by Migraine symptoms and still, Life Continues~  the next day with a migraine. Repeat.


Just because someone acts drunk while struggling to carry a glass of water or get to the bathroom.. think twice, if you don’t know that person, for all you know they might not even drink alcohol at all and simply have a bad case of food poisoning or the flu. Then again, it could be a person suffering from a migraine barely managing to function.  Sadly, they could just be drunk.

Did you know alcohol only makes a migraine worse and so if some has a migraine, it’s unlikely they’d except a free drink? They might refuse water in fear of puking.

Stay hydrated, but don’t force yourself to drink more than a few sips of water every other hour of you’re still puking.

After it lasts three days to a week, I’ve always been told to go to the hospital for a CT scan on my brain. I can’t give that kind of advice, but that’s what my doctors have told me.

Hopefully someone will understand this free, image to SHARE what your vision might look like with a migraine. It’s just the reality of a migraine life.

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